Burke must silence his critics…A Maple Leafs fan lashes out at the Toronto media…Analysis of the Flyers offensive slump…Is it harder to score later in the season?…The ten most gifted NHL enforcers…An interview with the brains behind “CapGeek”.


It's up to Burke to silence the Leafs critics.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski believes it’s on Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke to silence the protests and critics. Greg also linked to this cathartic rant by a Maple Leafs fan against the Toronto media for constantly finding little but the negative to write about the Leafs.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: Bill Meltzer examines the Philadelphia Flyers offensive inconsistency.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Geoff Detweiler examines if it’s truly tougher to score later in the season.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Shane Fraser on the ten most offensively gifted enforcers in the NHL, while Lukas Hardonk interviews Matthew Wuest, the founder of CapGeek.com.