What could prevent gay players from “coming out”, the team owners could become the enemy for fans in next CBA negotiations, rating Alexander Semin as a free agent, behind the scenes at the auditions for the upcoming NHL 2012 awards, and more.

 PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney explains why our issues with NHL individuality could prevent gay players from coming out of the closet. Mooney makes a good point about  the ensuing media circus that would surround any gay player.

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Is Semin an elite free agent?

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: Find out if Alexander Semin should be ranked among the “elite” UFAs this summer.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Collin Insley wonders if Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray could survive another slow start by his team.

BACKHAND SHELF: “Ain’t no party like a Kings Cup party, ’cause a Kings Cup party don’t stop!”

DOWN GOES BROWN: Behind the scenes at the host auditions for the 2012 NHL awards.