As the NHL owner and player meeting got down to business today, here’s a look at the notable analysis from around the NHL blogosphere.

PUCK DADDY:  Greg Wyshynski reports on speculation the NHL’s Chief Operating Officer John Collins isn’t pleased with the lockout and could depart the NHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pierre LeBrun recently tweeted Collins is denying the rumors, though they were based on multiple sources. If Collins were thinking of departing, it would be a huge blow to the NHL’s marketing, as Collins has been responsible for much of the league’s improvement in that regard in recent years.

Can these two sides find a season-saving resolution to the lockout?

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla examines mediation, arbitration, decertification and other notable NHL labor terms ending in “tion”.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Travis Hughes doesn’t believe Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider is getting his way in this lockout.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: TJ Maughan on the lack of commitment by both sides in the NHL lockout.

HOCKEY BROAD: Should the NHL take their fans’ loyalty for granted? No, they shouldn’t, but they do anyway, because they’re the “greatest fans in the world”.

STANLEY CUP OF CHOWDER: “Lilybraden” can’t quite the NHL. Neither can I, as much as it pisses me off at times, especially since I make my living covering it.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: Joe Fortunato, thankfully, provides a little perspective on the lockout.

DOWN GOES BROWN: “The NHLPA’s advance scouting report on today’s session with NHL owners”. I particularly like the photo of Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.