A Comment about the Ads on Spector’s Hockey.

Answering readers questions regarding the advertisements which appear on this site.

Usually I use the Soapbox to offer up my opinions on NHL news, but today I’m going to use it to address questions I’ve received from several readers regarding the advertisements running on Spector’s Hockey.

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) are these:

“Why do you run so many ads on your site?” That one is usually followed by “How much money do you need?” 

“ I wish you’d stop running pop-up ads”. 

“ Those ads with sound are really annoying. Can’t you get rid of them?” 

“ The ads are ruining my enjoyment of your site”, usually followed by the threat of leaving the site, or informing me they’ll no longer visit it. 

“Why don’t you use Paypal donations rather than ads?” 

First of all, I understand why folks aren’t fans of advertisements, but they are a part of our lives, whether it’s on the internet, radio, television, billboards or even before movies are shown.

I run ads on this site for a very simple reason: to pay the bills to keep this site running.

It costs money to pay for a host server, for tech support, for internet and electricity, and subscriptions for media sites which are behind” pay walls”. All are required for me to build and maintain Spector’s Hockey.

This site began as a labor of love, and continues to be so today, but I now use it as a means to support my career as a free-lance NHL writer.

Without those ads, I cannot afford to continue this career, let alone maintain the site. That’s not a threat, by the way, please don’t read anything into this. I’m merely being forthright. No ad revenue, no Spector’s Hockey.

I’m not some greed-head rolling in dough and flipping off my readers. I’m a middle-aged, middle-class guy who lives in a modest home in Canada’s smallest capital city in the country’s smallest province. I’m not being greedy, I’m trying to make a living, just like all of you.

To do that, I need your support, which means running ads, which hopefully you’ll find interesting enough to click.

As for pop-up ads, I haven’t run those for years now, and don’t intend to do so. I occasionally get e-mails, however, from readers claiming they’re still seeing pop-ups on my site. They probably have the Zedo cookie on their computer. A quick Google search will instruct you how to easily remove it for free.

I don’t run pop-ups, and I don’t intend to do so. I find those ads as annoying as you do!

Like many of you, I’m also no fan of those ads which have sound that start up the instant the site loads, leaving you to scramble to find the “mute” button on the ad, or to mute your speakers.

I use two web advertising companies for the ads on my site. One allows me to choose the ads I wish to run on my site, so whenever I see any of those “sound ads” appear, I immediately ensure they aren’t selected.

The other, I have no say over. If those ads appear, I contractually cannot remove them.  My best advice in that case is to be patient, as those ads won’t appear often, and in the meantime, I would suggest lower your speaker volume or mute it before visiting my site.

As for complaints that I run too many ads, there’s no more on my site than on most hockey sites. In fact, I deliberately limit the amount of ad placement because I don’t want it to become too “ad heavy” and detracting from the site’s content.

I don’t believe the ads are obtrusive at all. I don’t embed them within my columns, and I ensure only five ads appear per page; one at the top, two along the side, and two at the bottom. That’s all.

While I do understand how some folks still might not like these ads, I just don’t get the basis of the threats to no longer visit my site because of them.

There are some sites I visit regularly that can be “ad heavy”, but I still visit them because I enjoy their content, plus I understand they, like me, aren’t being greedy, but are simply trying to make a living and pay their bills. I hope that those of you who still find the ads on my site too distracting will keep this in mind.

Several years ago, I adopted a Paypal donation button on my site, to give readers who didn’t want to click the ads the option to donate directly to my site’s costs.

In the two years that button was up, the site earned a grand total of $135.00. Those who wanted to donate to the site’s upkeep simply weren’t doing it enough on a regular basis to make it worthwhile.

The Paypal Donation button also led several readers to accuse me of greed, by asking why I would seek donations when I was obviously earning money from the ads on my site. You can well imagine my eyerolls every time I read those e-mails.

Bottom line, folks, is the ads pay, and donations don’t.

If I were to eliminate ads and merely go the donation route, I doubt I’d be able to keep the site going, let alone make a living from it. I’d be forced then to stage quarterly “beg-a-thons” pleading for donations, and if that day comes, this site is doomed.

If you enjoy this site, heck, even if the only reason you visit it is to voice your distaste about what I do, I’d appreciate your understanding the reason for the ads on my site, and your support by clicking an ad now and again.

Readers like you have made my free lance NHL writer dream come true, and sustained it since 2006. For that, I’m truly grateful. I hope you’ll continue to support this site, as well as my work for THN.com and Kukla’s Korner, in the years to come.


  1. I have been coming to this site since 98, it’s my go to hockey site for balanced, unbiased hockey reporting. If I have to deal with a few “sound ads” every once in a while in order for you to keep the site going then so be it. It’s not hard to turn the volume down.

    It’s great to know that you’ve been able to turn this site in to something you can make a living on. Keep up the good work!

  2. To those that complain, I wonder were they go to not see any ads. I mean even in movies or tv shows themselves have ads in them. Its a shame but not having a site like this would be a bigger shame.

  3. Any media worth reading either needs advertising $ or they need to charge a subscription fee. Little or nothing worthwhile is free of charge. Keep the ads coming Lyle, most thinking people understand.

  4. What ads? ;o)

  5. Ya take with a grain of salt Spector !! Your rumor site is the go to site I visit at least a couple times a week to stay up to date on all things hockey rumor, and the ads are a part of life in a capitalist society, so the chumps that complain are the same chumps that wouldn’t ever give you a penny on paypal so don’t let it bother you, keep up the great work and I look forward to more and more rumors and nhl news from this site in years to come !!

  6. Do these complainers not know how the real world works?

    Also, my advice to the aforementioned gripers: You don’t like, it, find another site as comprehensive, unbiased and well-written as this, and STAY THERE.

  7. The protestors on Wall Street will be marching on Lyle’s doorstep next, LOL!

    Not sure why advertisments would bother anyone, as long as they’re non-offensive.

  8. Most ads are a minor annoyance, especially since it’s a good site and otherwise easy to navigate and read.. I do frequently get popups instead of the requested page when I click the links on the homepage to go to the news or rumors page. No Zedo cookie, either.

  9. Appreciate your work. Rarely bothered with pop-ups or noisy ads. Thanks Spec.

  10. Don’t care about most ads, but those ones with sound are horrible.

    • Tell me where the ads appear, and what they advertise, and I’ll try to get them removed.

  11. I click on ads.

  12. Hey, I’m not complaining about the ads. However, this site is still WAY better than hockeytraderumors.com. They have 3-5 pop ups for everything you click. Plus their quality suuuuuuucks now

  13. your site rules. period.

  14. I love the site. I am also the last guy that would even condemn someone for making a living doing something they love, especially considering how unobtrusive the ads are. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep coming back, ads and all.

  15. I did not know about the Zedo Cookie. Thanks for the info and Thanks for keeping the site running. I’ve checked it almost every day for years. Keep up the good work.

  16. 1)I think it offensive to deride someone for trying to make a living. How dare anyone inquire of you(or anyone!) “How much money do you need”? Infuriorating!
    2) Keep up the great work and I hope you make oodles of $$ along the way!