Afternoon NHL Rumor Mill – June 30, 2014.

Latest on Josh Gorges, Cam Ward and Vincent Lecavalier, plus a list of bought-out players and more. 

Josh Gorges in shock over Canadiens attempting to trade him.

Josh Gorges in shock over Canadiens attempting to trade him.

TSN.CA/SPORTNET: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges is in shock over management’s intent to trade him. Gorges learned about this over the weekend after he was asked to waive his no-trade clause to accept a move to Toronto. Gorges refused but the club is still trying to trade him. The Leafs are one of 15 teams on his “no-trade” list.

Bob McKenzie originally reports Gorges wouldn’t accept a trade to another Canadian team, but Gorges said he’s since expanded his list to include two Canadian clubs. It’s believed the Habs are trying to dump Gorges’ salary in order to free up cap space for another defenseman. That’s led to speculation they could pursue pending UFAs Matt Niskanen or Dan Boyle.

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the Leafs are in the market for leadership, which would explain their interest in Gorges.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens handling of this isn’t going down well with some Habs fans. Gorges is a popular player in Montreal due to his work ethic and strong defensive play. GM Marc Bergevin was able to off-set some of that today with his steal of P.A. Parenteau and a draft pick for Daniel Briere, but he’ll have to find an upgrade over Gorges via trade or free agency to convince Canadiens fans this is a good move. 

TSN.CA: Calgary’s Shane O’Brien,  and New Jersey’s Anton Volchenkov have been placed on waivers for the purpose of compliance buyouts. Toronto’s Tim Gleason is a regular buyout.  Darren Dreger reports via Twitter: “Flames made a trade offer for Cam Ward in exchange for Carolina’s 7th pick. Obvious salary dump opportunity. Hurricanes declined.”

SUNSENTINEL.COM’s Harvey Fialkov reports via Twitter: “I’m hearing Panthers have NO interest in Lecavalier.”

BUFFALO NEWS:  John Vogl reports Sabres GM Tim Murray isn’t concerned about spending to reach the cap floor. Murray also decided not to qualify the rights of RFA defenseman Jamie McBain, making him eligible for UFA status on July 1.


  1. Re: Ward
    Did I read that right, Calgary gets Ward and a 7th round pick ? Why Ward, they can sign Hiller tomorrow for less than Ward.

    • I think they got it wrong. Calgary didn’t even pick 7th

      • guys Carolina picked 7th, they were going to ship the 7th overall pick and ward to Calgary to rid themselves of that contract. they would have gotten back like a 7th round pick or low level prospect. The flames also offered to take Ribeiro from Coyotes for the 12th pick as well, but Ribeiro wouldn’t waive his NTC so that deal got shot down.

        • RE-Read it and now get it. Wow how generous Calgary tried to be, let me take that 7th overall pick off your hands.

          • In fairness, we don’t actually know WHAT the Flames were going to offer in return. They might have offered something better than a low level pick/prospect. Just likely not something worth the move, smart move to attempt it cause why the hell not.

  2. Gleason is a good old fashioned buy out not a compliance.

    • Shticky
      So just what is the Leafs plan ? I’m confused, do they plan a tweak or full blown rebuild or what ? I always felt that if you couldn’t get better, at least get young and cheaper

      • At this point doesnt look like they have one…I would think after spending to over the cap with all the “leader” and tough to play against types like Bolland Clarkson Lupul Gleason Fraser Orr McClaren Kulimen McClemment, Franson Ranger and having a bad year like this one you or anyone else with a bit of objectivity might take a step back and go with some youth, see what you have in the system but apparently they just had the wrong “leaders” and “hard to play against ” guys and think this new batch they are going after Polak Georges Brodeur Bolland, will change all that. Not really sure at this point what the plan is, actually it kinda just looks like more of the same, I just want it to blow up in their face Shanny to fire them all and get a top 5 pick next year with a decent staff Its going to be a long year in Leaf land. I miss Burke lol

        • i know i wouldn’t want georges thank you

        • The Leafs have been on a downward spiral since… well ummm it’s been forever.

        • Looks like the Leafs are trying to build a good defense, While they added Polak who is a good defensive defenseman. They also were trying to add Gorges so you know they aren’t trying to rebuild their team if they are acquiring or trying to acquire good players.

          Nonis and co. are adding to their team to make it better. Especially the defense,

  3. Man, oh man, I wish the Canucks would try to bite on Gorges. He would look great on that team. Plus, he would probably be a stabilizing influence on Edler.

  4. I like Gorges, a lot. It totally caught me off guard that he was on the table. He is a guy who wants to be in Montreal, who plays hard, plays injured, and never backs down. I would hate for them to move Gorges in a salary dump type move only for them not to get their guy. He is an important part of the team and none of the young guys have proven they are close to capable of taking over his role.

  5. Are the Leafs one of the two Canadian teams on that list though? Interesting but surreal that the two rivals are talking trade, in any case.

    • Nope, since he veto’d a trade to them. It would be interesting to see which ones it would be, likely Ottawa (not a far move, not AS hockey crazy) and Winnipeg (closest to contending) … thought Edmonton could provide an attractive option as a young improving team. I just don’t see it being CGY in full rebuild mode or Vancouver who seem like the Leafs without a real direction at this moment.

    • No, you got to read the article where it specifically said that he nixed a trade that would have sent him to Toronto.

      • Sorry, should have conveyed my point better. I was being a bit sarcastic. I just meant that Gorges has control here – barring waivers. As Toronto remains on his no-trade list (his right), even though that’s apparently still where Montreal would like to deal him, it’s a moot point without a change of heart from either side. It’s been some time since the teams last traded with each other, so Montreal must have liked what they would’ve been getting in return.

  6. I too am shocked Gorges is being shopped. He is a leader on the team and if Gionta is not resigned what a huge lack of leadership on the Habs.
    That said, the only player on the Leafs that the Habs might have interest in, other than Kessel, is JVR. I am sure Leaf fans are having a herd of cows at that statement but any other player would be a bad fit on Mtl either for salary or skill set (with regards to fitting into Mtls needs).
    Regardless, MB can not un wring the bell so now Gorges must be traded. Gorges is from out west so I am pretty sure Vancouver was added. Not sure if Toronto would be the other.

    • Ohh and the Habs should kick the tires on Volchenkov if they trade Gorges. A short term cheap deal could make for some semblance of making up for all the shot blocking Gorges does.

    • There was mention that the Habs might just use a buyout on Georges, so unlikely they would get anyone near the caliber of JVR in return.

  7. What I don’t understand is why the Leafs are putting Gleason on waivers when they just finally cleared up all those other buyouts making all the cap space available to them and now they go and fill it back up again. Gleason was slow but an effective shot blocker. For a team that was a defensive travesty last year, this seems a bit counterproductive to me but what do I know. Guess it’s just about money and that seems to be something the Leafs have lots of

    I don’t know what the TML plan is at all. They throw Reimer under a bus yet woo Brodeur who is long past his expiry date. Brodeur wants to win a Cup and then retire. Not going to happen in Toronto. They buyout a known shot blocker for who? Gorges? He doesn’t want to come to Toronto. Can’t say I blame him either.

  8. OMG!!!! Gorges??? are u serious???? Bergevin must have a real plan to get something good in return because Gorges is the most dedicated player on the Habs… I am totally shocked, the fans in Montreal will judge Bergevin very harshely if the Habs do less good this year… shocked… totally shocked…

    • He is a salary dump. Every GM in the league knows MTL wants to exile Gorges as a salary dump so they won’t be getting to much for him. I think Bergeven is looking more to adding a big name UFA defenseman like Ehrhoff or Niskanen.

  9. If Gorges is really shocked …and pissed, he should come to the Leafs just for the satidfaction of laying a beatdown on the Habs. The Leafs now have Polak, and if they bring up Granberg and land Gorges, they are a much tougher team to play bejind the blueline. Add David Broll from the Marlies and hopefully Leo Komorov, and that adds to the grit. Domenic Moore would look great in a Leafs uni again. C’mon over Josh, where you are wanted and needed!

    • Good points Murph..Like those additions to the lineup as well..wouldn’t that be a real teeth kicker to Montreal to have Gorges sign in Toronto just so 6x a year, he can have the pleasure of cheering the Habs up with his play

    • if you think gorges will help u all that much and the leafs make him a top 2 defenceman …it won’t be long before leafs fans cry that nonis got fleeced in the deal ….especially if the offer they made is significant which it would have to be if we were to trade him a division………i hope bergevin fleece’s nonis and gets jvr for gorges

      • I believe the rumored player as per Dreger, in return for Gorges was Franson..and I can live with that swap…should that rumor have held water of course

    • Fortunately for the rest of the league you can’t grit your way to the playoffs.

  10. I think 2 million dollars off the early cap predictions have people in a frenzy……sadly, the 69 million dollar cap has been pretty much set in stone since mid year!

  11. Doubt it will happen, but I’d love to land Gorges in Ottawa, he would bring some much needed leadership to replace Spezza and would really help our blueline, more so with helping our goalies. Karlsson, Gorges, Ceci, Cowan, Methot, Phillips, Weircoch, Gryba … this gives us a deeper blueline, with more shot blocking. The deal would probably send Methot back to the Habs and he bring a cheaper hit and a big physical presence to the blueline, solid in his own zone.