Alfredsson Returning For Another Season.

Alfie’s back.

The Ottawa Senators have announced team captain Daniel Alfredsson has decided to return for 17th NHL season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t say I’m surprised. Senators management weren’t too concerned about Alfredsson’s plans, and recently there were reports he’d been training again for what was believed his eventual return. Alfredsson, who’ll turn 40 in December, has one season remaining on his current contract, paying him an actual salary of $1 million, though the cap hit is $4.875 million. Had he retired, that cap hit still would’ve counted. And yes, I think this coming season could well be his last.


  1. Great news for the Sens. Still wish we could have landed Nash, but one more year of youth development and finding that top 6 guy who will offset the loss of Alfie, in the scoring department. Nobody on that team can replace his leadership.

  2. let’s hope there’s a season for him to return to.

  3. Ye, lets hope! It would be a shame and boring if not. Nice with anlther swede playing into his 40’s. Always thought highly of Alfie.