Another Doan Update – August 4, 2012.

Add the Sharks and Predators to the list of teams interested in Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan.


Sharks and Predators remain interested in Doan.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reported a source claiming the San Jose Sharks are among the favorites to land Phoenix Coyotes UFA winger Shane Doan.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile doesn’t expect Doan to pay a visit to Nashville, but said it had more to do with the long-time Coyote’s familiarity with the Predators and its market. Poile said he’s had conversations with Doan where he expressed he was comfortable with the team, some of its players, and the city.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That concludes the latest edition of the “Shane Doan Watch”. Tune in tomorrow for more of the same.



  1. i think the longer he takes the more money he will make. i think it is his agent that is delaying it. this is his last big contract so he is going to milk it.

  2. I would not be surprised if Doan ended up in Nashville. He is said to be friendly with Mike Fisher. If Im not mistaken they are both heavily involved with their Christian faith. A guy like Doan doesn’t strike me as the kind of person that will go to the obvious contenders. Like the NYR, Kings, and Pens. I would bet if he leaves Phoenix it will be for a smaller market playoff team like the Preds. Where he will feel more comfortable, play a bigger role, and have a familiar face (Fisher). If he loves playing in a place like Phoenix a non-traditional market Nashville may be the next best thing. By the way with keeping Weber they are still a playoff team even without Suter. With Doan the extra offense may offset that hole on the backend. As most may guess I am not the biggest Suter fan lol. He is good just not as good as people made him out to be this summer.

    • @Vinny, Do you know Shane Doan personally? Than you can;t make a comment about where he will enjoy playing. He has ties to Mike Fisher only because they played in Intl play, they are NOT boyhood friends. And his Christian Faith? Will God tell him not to sign in Philly or NY because he doesn’t want him to win the cup?

      • @IceGuru I do not know Doan I do know during this past Preds/Coyotes series there were multiple vignettes on Fisher and Doan and how much respect they have for each other. Yes they also mentioned it started with their International play together but in all of these one on ones their faith was a bond for the two. I do believe Doan wants to win a cup. But not ALL players want to go to the big stage of NY or Philly to get it done. Based on Doan’s desire to stay in Phoenix he is clearly OK with the small market teams.

        • They played golf together in Castor Ab. which is not far from Doan’s parents home I believe. Just saying, maybe they are friends off the ice.

  3. It’s simple…if wants to win the cup, He will sign with the team with the best players and chance of winning… LET’S GO PEN’S!!!!!!!

    • Did the pens get a goalie?

      • They don’t need one, they have Fleury. Don’t discount him because of one bad playoff round. He has been to the Cup finals twice, and yes he does have a ring!

        • They also aquired thomas vokoun

        • Even back then I was never a fan of Fleury. Ever since his junior career he’s been a sketchy goalie. I’m sorry but with Malkin Crosby and Staal they could have made it to the finals with many different people in nets. I mean Chicago won the cup with Niemi and I don’t think anyone is too excited over him even if he has a ring.

          • They have a young russian goalie in their organization that is supposed to be great. At least I think he’s russian.

      • LOL
        (still better than Bryz tho).

      • yes, Thomas Vokoun … and if Fluery was made available there would be 25 other teams interested in acquiring him … do you watch hockey?

    • The Pens took a step back by letting go of Staal, plus there defense is still god awful. If Sid goes down again for an extended period of time could hurt them, although Malkin did rise to the occasion last year, you need a full strength Sid to win the cup.

  4. If it’s all about winning the cup, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t sign with the NYR. The additions of Nash, and possibly Doan would put them over the top in my books.

  5. He be in phx red next season

  6. Doan wont be in NY …or Pits… or Nash… he will sign with the Coyote’s and this whole thing will be for not. It shows is passion to win…

  7. Well, if it wasn’t for Doan, this would be a blank page!

  8. I really don’t see Doan going to the Sharks, I guess the reason being is that the Sharks need to get some younger forwards – they are getting up there in years. While Couture is young, Marleau, Thornton, Havlet, Handzus, Boyle, Murray and Stuart are all over 32 and Pavelski and Clowe are almost 30. I know they need a RW, but I would think they would look at someone in the 26-28 year old range that would be less than a 35 year old $7MM man.

    • Yes, but there’s not a lot of top six forwards between 26-28 available for nothing but salary and cap space.

      Doan is the best option to improve the Sharks without taking away some other piece (Boyle, Clowe, Pavelski). And he brings the grit and leadership the Sharks are lacking.

      Sharks are in a tough spot they need to either win soon or rebuild.

  9. You know rumors are pretty slow if Shane Doan is the lead just about every day

  10. If Doan wants to win a Cup, he won’t sign with the Sharks. That team is on the decline big time!

  11. The next Doan update should be when something actually happens.

    How about some Jamie Benn rumours, that would be more interesting.

  12. I like the idea of Doan with Nashville. They are my perennial underdog team. He fits their style and compete level. Radulov was fun to watch. But Doan, Weber and Rinne as your core. Guts and Glory. You gotta love that.

    I am sick and tired of players like Brad Richards and Rick Nash, who seek out their best option for a cup winning team. If you are the superstar everyone thinks you are, then be the core and spirit of a cup winning team! Revisit some Stevie Yzerman history………

    Call me old fashioned but I still admire loyalty. Doan is genuine, and only wants to leave if he has to. If he has to leave Phoenix, I would love to see him in Nashville,who a lot of people write off, and going for it. I am a Leafs fan, but I really think Nashville, if he leaves Phoenix, is his kind of team to play with.He has proven over time, he is not just about the money. And that makes him a champion for me.

    • Nashville needs offense, not grit like Doan … Pens need grit …

  13. Shane doan’s statetment on July 1st starting to sound funny: “I give you untill 9th of july…” :)