Avalanche re-sign Jones.

Jones re-signed to new contract by Avs.

The Denver Post reports the Colorado Avalanche have re-signed right wing David Jones to a four-year, $16 million contract.

Jones, 27, was eligible for UFA status this summer. Last season, he had 20 goals and 37 points in 72 games, marking the second straight season he’s scored 20 or more goals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If that figure is accurate, the Avalanche will have overpaid Jones, who has scoring talent but is very streaky, as well as an injury history. Last season, he earned $2.5 million, so this new contract would be a significant increase in salary. 


  1. As a Colorado fan I am not liking this signing. What Spector sid about him being streaky is very true. I also saw a rumor that the Av’s resigned Hunwick for 2 years. Though he did play better this year I still dont like that signing either. It seems our young 31 year old owner has decided that he wants to keep the same players like the last three years and most likely not going to go after Suter or Parise if they become available July 1st. I used to look forward to the off season being a Colorado fan, but its becoming very dissapointing, especially that we will have about roughly 30 million to spend this summer.

  2. Huge overpayment. It’s going to inflate UFA salaries across the league.

    Makes Burrows 2 mil a year for 4 years a steal.

    • Not so bad for a two time 20 goal scorer, Unbeliavable!

      Well, this is good news for the likes of Jiri Hudler, A Kostitsyn, PA PArenteau, and even Kyle Wellwood… Now they worth a little more…

      So that’s the result of very long term signings. there’s not much left in the UFA Pond. This is driving the salary go higher and higher.

      They should restricted the number of contracts in each teams over four years and defined only one player a concession guy who can command a long term contracts of 5 yrs and more. We will see less contracts like this one…