Avalanche Ship Downie To Flyers For Talbot.

The Colorado Avalanche have traded right wing Steve Downie to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for forward Max Talbot.

Steve Downie is headed to the Flyers.

Steve Downie is headed to the Flyers.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Downie (26) is younger than Talbot (29) and also has more points this season (7 compared to Talbot’s 2). Downie, however, has a reputation for reckless play which also leads to injuries. Talbot’s energetic style has given him his share of injuries, but he’s more controlled and a better penalty-killer. The Avs could also be looking toward him for leadership.  

Dollars and free agency might also factor into this move. Talbot has a more affordable cap hit ($1.75 million through 2015-16), while Downie carries a $2.65 million cap hit and is slated to become a UFA next summer.  

It’s also a homecoming for Downie, as he was drafted by the Flyers and began his NHL career with them, so they know what they’re getting. The Flyers are in need of more offense so Downie could help in that department.



  1. great move

    Talbot is a 4th line PK’er that doesn’t do much. over-paid and tied up for 3 more years

    Downie has some stones. this Flyer team needs a guy who plays with a spine. plus he’s younger and more potential for offense

    • I agree with your assessment of Downie but I feel you’ve undervalued Talbot. Great on PK, led by example, always gave 100%. Not much in the way of offense but he was a great team player. Having said that, the Flyers need a shot in the arm (putting it mildly) to get some energy & offense going. Worst case if the team still sucks they can probably get a decent return by flipping him at the deadline.

  2. This is background noise. The Av’s now need a #1 goaltender, I don’t believe at Giguere’s age he can take a majority of the starts.

  3. I really like this move for the ‘Aves! Their PK just got better and they should take less penalties. They have the offensive depth to be able to make this trade, get a better contract and even more cap space. Could be a precursor to a bigger move coming down the line as well … timing of the trade is certainly weird though. As of now Varolmov has permission to travel with the team.

  4. Talbot sucks. worthless. PK? big deal, Couturier for as average as he is, he can do that. no team needs a PK specialist. PK is a team effort and usually to 4th line players so the top 6 FW aren’t burned out in short-handed situations. small, not fast, not physical, doesn’t score

    Downie is exactly what this Flyer team needs. tough and plays with an edge. they should have never traded him in the 1st place. finally the Flyers get a player who will show these guys how to play with attitude

    • You really are lost arent you….no team needs pk specialists? Crack kills put down the pipe…all teams need them and most good teams have guys who do that type of thing, how many coaches you see rolling 4 lines of pkers?

  5. Cleared almost a million off payroll for Avs. You know what Talbot gives you every night. Losing Downie does take away some of the Avs bite that they have shown in some of the early wins.