Avs sign O’Brien

The Colorado Avalanche have signed defenseman Shane O’Brien to a one-year, $1.1 million contract.

Spector’s Note: O’Brien is a big, physical blueliner, but he’s also got a reputation for undisciplined play. The Avs coaching staff will have to ensure they can keep him from going “loose cannon” next season in order for him to be effective.

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  1. The Avalanche now have size, but does that size come with skill? The avs have been in the past a push over simply cause the scouting staff drafted “speedy skaters”. Well the problem with that is the other teams with the 6′ 4″ to 6′ 6″ forwards and defensemen that run them over had skill to keep the puck away from the speedy little skaters that the avs organization thought would take them to the promised land. NO WAY!!!! In the league today a team needs players with size along with skill to complete that line, and their shift. A good signing cause the Avalanche need some grit as well. Get in their face and make them skate backwards for once boys!!!! Hopefully the signings pan out positively and that the goaltender tandem is better than last year……..psssh what am I saying Budaj is gone!!!!!!!!! ding dong the choker is gone! thank you Montreal!!!!