Blackhawks re-sign Frolik, sign Lepisto

Various sources report the Chicago Blackhawks have re-signed RFA forward Michael Frolik to a three-year contract, and signed UFA defenseman Sami Lepisto to a one-year deal. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My first thought when I saw the Lepisto signing was, “how will this affect their negotiations with Chris Campoli?” Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times has the answer: They’re done with Campoli and opted for Lepisto instead. 

**Update** Frolik’s contract is worth $7 million, or an average salary of $2,333,333 million per season.


  1. don’t jump the gun just yet

    ben smith at this current moment will not be in the 13 man offensive rotation…with the addition of frolik he will be in their 13 man offensive rotation

    john scott will not be in their 8 man defensive rotation when the season starts….with the addition of lepisto he will be in their 8 man defensive rotation

    they still have to sign 1 Defenceman who will be campoli and will have around 4,500,000 to sign him

    didn’t type this to upset anyone just giving you a different perspective

  2. Campoli is gone….bowman said so himself.

    What will be interesting to see is if they package some of the depth and/or kids for a number 2 center.

    Also, will they play Scott on the wing or as a rotating 6th d-man or at all?

  3. Since Campoli is an RFA heading to arbitration, why would Bowman tip his hand and publicly announce that he would not be resigning him? How does that enhance your negotiating position for a possible trade?

  4. What I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t just let him go to arbitration. Then he gets a 1 year deal which they could almost certainly afford, no matter the cost (unless it was 3.5 mil or so which would be ridiculous). Then can keep him for a year, walk away and then let him become an UFA, or sign him and trade him during the season. All seem like better options than simply saying he won’t be a blackhawks this year.