Blackhawks re-sign Sharp.

Various sources today report the Chicago Blackhawks have re-signed forward Patrick Sharp to a five-year contract extension. Financial details to follow…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sharp was eligible for UFA status next July. While all the focus over the past year or so has been on the number of players the Blackhawks have cut loose, they’ve been able to retain almost all of their core talent. It’ll be interesting to find out how much he’ll get. The Blackhawks already have over $51 million invested in 16 players for 2012-13.

**UPDATE** His new salary will be worth $5.9 million per season, a considerable raise over the $3.9 million per season he earned on his previous deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I would’ve guess $5 million per. I think the Blackhawks have overpaid a tad, but that was the price of keeping Sharp in the fold. It pushes their payroll to over $56.9 million invested in 17 players.


  1. My guess is about 5.5 over 5yrs. Anything more is too much….anything less is a steal! Not that he isn’t worth more then 5.5mil, but given the big contracts the hawks already have…..anything more will not allow them to field a strong bottom 6.

  2. my guess is 5.9mil over 5 years

  3. Great Player.

    Classy Man.

    Team Player.


    He’s worth every penny. Great signing!

  4. GoWingsGo…..good guess on the contract…..ha!
    Spector, I must agree this is a bit higher then I expected….do you think the Hawks can maintain there core and field a strong team overall? Seabrook, Keith, Kane, Toews, Sharp, Hossa….maybe Crawford; being the core. Gonna be a tight budget for the rest!