Blackhawks Trade Bolland to Maple Leafs.

The Chicago Blackhawks have traded the 51st and 117th picks in this year’s draft and a fourth round pick in 2014 to the Toronto Maple Leafs for center Dave Bolland.

Blackhawks trade Bolland to Maple Leafs.

Blackhawks trade Bolland to Maple Leafs.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a trade the Blackhawks would’ve preferred not to make, but they have to free up some cap space (Bolland’s cap hit is over $3 million) to re-sign key players like Bryan Bickell.

Bolland  is a good two-way center with a decent scoring touch (two 19 goal seasons), who is well-suited for third-line center work. He does have a bit of an injury history, but when healthy will be a good addition for the Leafs.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Leafs, who needed depth at center, keep him in that role or try him on their second line. He’s not first-line center material, so don’t expect him to be a replacement for Tyler Bozak if the Leafs fail to re-sign him.


  1. Good move, still like to see if they can add size to the forwards and move grabo but good move.

    • Theres always buy out still could happen, I doubt it but ya never know depends on the ufas and who they might be thinking.

  2. Still Im pretty sure this means Bye Bye Bozak….and Ive been saying for months we will draft Gauthier if we cant move up to get Monahan and low and behold…1 more (ufa) center and we will finally have some depth up the middle, hoping for Vinny but the bottom 3 is solid for a couple years…

    • I completely agree with you, i like the deal and i think the writing is on the wall for bozak. but if he was expecting anywhere from 4 mil plus he was gone before the draft. I wish we could land vinny but i got a feeling he signs in Dallas for like a one year deal. and then go back to Tampa after his year is up. I doubt boston trades seguin but part of me really wants to see kessel and seguin on the same line. and welcome back david bolland to your home.. go leafs go

  3. While this deal adds depth it still doesn’t address Leafs immediate concerns, namely, first line centre and top-four D-man. Also, seems to be a fairly substantial cap hit for an oft injured third line centre. So, now with key RFA’s still to be signed (Kadri, Franson and Bernier, among others), can’t see a whole lot of cap room left to even entertain the possibility of signing Clarkson, Lecavalier et al. Up the middle looks to be Kadri, Grabovski, Bolland and McClement. Maybe Weiss wouldn’t have been such a bad idea after all.

    • Leafs still have a solid amount of cap space. They may try and use Kadri as the first line center, but If they are able to get Vinny (I doubt it) they won’t hesitate to buy out Grabo.

  4. I like the trade. Bolland offers many attributes including the pest factor, a few championships,grit and snarl, invaluable Stanley Cup experience and is a bonafide 3-4th line centre for 3 picks who might amount to something which also gives the Leafs some options at centre . On the surface, it sure seems ok