Blue Jackets Re-sign Brandon Dubinsky.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have announced the re-signing of forward Brandon Dubinsky to a six-year deal worth an average cap hit of $5.85 million, which also includes no-move and no-trade clauses. 

Blue Jackets sign Brandon Dubinsky to a contract extension.

Blue Jackets sign Brandon Dubinsky to a contract extension.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s a significant raise for Dubinsky, who has a year at $4.65 million left on his current deal, at a cap hit of $4.2 million. He finished third on the Blue Jackets in scoring with 50 points (his second-highest career total). Of the Blues Jackets who played more than 62 regular-season games last season, Dubinsky was second in Corsi-for percentage (52.2%). He’s a versatile, physical two-way forward who’s emerged as a leader on the Blue Jackets since joining them two years ago in the Rick Nash trade.

Given both the term and the dollars of this deal, critics will claim the Jackets overpaid nearly $6 million annually on a guy who would be a second-line forward on a better team. This deal will expire when Dubinsky turns 35. Given his style of play, he might not be as good a player in the final three years of the deal as he currently is.

Still, it was necessary for the Jackets to retain a key part of their roster beyond next season, as Dubinsky would have been eligible for UFA status. Despite the Jackets significant improvement over the past two years, they’re still at a delicate stage. They must prove themselves a fan base which grew jaded following years of mediocrity in which they watched the club’s best players leave via free agency or trade. This signing sends a message the Blue Jackets are building toward Stanley Cup contention. 


  1. Wonder if anyone in the state of Ohio even knows Dubinsky resigned lol.

  2. maybe it’s just me but it seems like everyone is getting overpaid this time of year. as far as Dubinsky goes it’s not as bad as others but i’m sure when Ryan Johansen’s people saw the numbers they were happy as it certainly means they’ll be willing to spend for the player who’ll be Columbus’s top center. i think the Bluejackets have what it takes to be the top team in the East, they’ve been paitient and acquired top draft picks and brought them along slowly. on paper they certainly seem to have it all a recent Vezina winner in net, a deep and talented defensive core, and a group of forwards that are just starting to come into their own (they’d definitely be better had they not traded for Carter and lost out on Voracek and Coturier but he also brought them Johnson and Dano), with Johansen, Dubinsky, and Jenner they have depth up the middle other teams can only dream of. dealing Umberger got rid of a malcontent and brought in a heart and soul guy in Hartnell who can help.