Blues Sign Redden.

The St. Louis Blues have announced the signing of former NY Rangers defenseman Wade Redden to a one-year, $800K contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Redden never got much sympathy from NHL fans for his banishment to the minors the past two seasons for salary cap purposes, but he never complained and was by all accounts a model teammate on the Rangers AHL farm team. He wasn’t expected to remain an unrestricted free agent for long after the Rangers bought him out on Thursday. Good to see he’ll get a chance to continue his NHL career.


  1. Wow, that didn’t take long but then again I didn’t think that it would.
    Redden must start at the bottom by taking a low salary and prove himself all over again. While he is still laughing all the way to the bank his pride will demand that he produce and work himself back to earning bigger NHL paychecks.
    St. Louis may just have gotten themselves a steal.

  2. there’s no question redden can be successful in the NHL given the right role. shedding that monster of a contract and going to a team that have reasonable expectation will do great things for him.

    it’s a shame the cba doesn’t offer more sort of mulligans in it. the redden rangers contract was one that clearly hurt all parties. the rangers had to spend millions on an ahl player. redden wasn’t able to play in the nhl. and fans missed out on the player and how those millions would have been spent elsewhere. ok, unless you hate the rangers. if you hate the rangers, you probably loved redden’s time with ny.