Bobby Ryan Traded to Senators.

The Anaheim Ducks have traded forward Bobby Ryan to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for right wing Jakob Silfverberg, a first round pick in 2014 and prospect winger Stefan Noesen.

Bobby Ryan traded to the Senators.

Bobby Ryan traded to the Senators.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: After nearly two years of trade rumors, the Anaheim Ducks (undoubtedly due to cap constraints) have finally trade winger Bobby Ryan and his expensive contract ($5.1 million per season cap geek). He’ll obviously take over the departed Daniel Alfredsson’s spot on right wing, though he’ll be playing in Alfie’s shadow for a while.

Ryan, however, is a proven offensive performer (four-straight 30-goal season) who at 26 still has a number of productive years ahead of him. It’s a major coup by the Senators to acquire him, as Ryan had been linked to the Philadelphia Flyers.

For the Ducks, they’re getting a promising winger in Silfverberg, who has one of the quickest, hardest, most accurate shots in the league. Only 22, he could hit his stride playing with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry.  Landing Noesen and a first rounder stocks their prospect shelf for their future, or as possible bargaining chips for other moves. 


  1. This is one of those trades that actually makes a heck of a lot of sense for BOTH teams. “Well done” to both GMs.

  2. The only way this trade makes sense is if the Ducks go and sign someone else on top of this trade. Yeah, they save a ton of cap space, but it just doesnt make sense at this point. Trade Hiller if you really want to “SAVE” money.

    • You are clueless!

  3. I could see Sens sign Iginla ( if he foregoes his wish for a California team ) to play RW with Spezza and Ryan. What a line that would be.

  4. Couldn’t Iginla just as easily go sign with the Ducks for a year or two? (If at a reasonable cap hit or maybe that doesn’t come into the equation) This is the sort of trade I was hoping the Canucks would make if they were going to trade Edler to free up a little cap space and get a little younger and get another 1st round pick.

  5. I was shocked at this trade, good trade for both teams, Ottawa get a great player if he plays with a healthy speak that’s a great first line. Silver berg is a cheaper option with high skill I thought he did good in Ottawa last year. Good trade.

  6. Murray is one of the most underrated GMs in this league, I believe. What a great rebound, in just one day.

  7. I was really hoping to see Ryan in a Bruins jersey oh well another one Chia missed the boat on.

  8. Ryan means a great replacement for Alfredsson. MacArthur will also score his goals. Which other surprise Murray has still in store ?

  9. Smart Trade For Both Teams:
    Ducks knew that they would have a real hard time signing Ryan in two years as the asking price would be 7-8 million for 6-8 years, impossible with Perry & Getzlaf recent signing. Silfverberg is going to be a good hockey players for years to come and if you look at the Hockey News September 2012 Future Watch edition you will see that Noesen was rated #67 in their top 100 of NHL prospects, so 2-3 years up the road he could be knocking on NHL door. Also don’t forget the #2014 #1 Ottawa pick, those always come in handy. One other point is that with Etem, Palmieri, Rakell, Holland, Karlsson, Roy ( Northeastern University), Kerdilies, whitney, Smith-Pelly, Sarault the Ducks have lots of young forwards to choose from in the next 1-3 years. Ducks also have $ 5 million in play money to spend on current needs. Lastly, I really feel that this will be a great thing for Bobby Ryan, Ryan always had to play second fiddle to Perry and Getzlaf, constantly switched from first to second line then back again, always seemed to be rumored to be traded, hope he has found a home and is appreciated and does real well. and Bob Murray, great job, you did what needed to be done and made a good deal for the future. Next up Jonas Hiller.

  10. Hey, good on Murray to go out and sign MacArthur and trade for Ryan so quickly after learning that Alfie would not be returning. And if he can get Ryan to sign an extension before his contract expires in a couple of years, then I commend him.

    But there is risk involved in the Ryan acquisition, as it’s pretty well known that he would like to, one day, be a Flyer. He’s from NJ and his father is very close friends with Bobby Clarke. Ryan has gone on record as saying; ““For me, if I’m moved, Philadelphia would be a very ideal and comfortable place for me.”

    I have the utmost respect for Murray, so if he can extend (or resign) Ryan, then he’s done a great job, yet again. But this is a calculated risk, in my opinion.

  11. I’m a huge Ottawa fan, the loss of Alfie hurt, but then again, we basically got a younger version of him in Ryan. McCarthur always had our number in those dying minutes vs the sabres so im glad he is on board, but I think Ottawa needs another legitimate scorer down the middle, a big body to park around the net, as much as it hurts me to say, a new look Senators might be exciting, last season was fun to watch the youngsters, and the Montreal series was epic, from my pov.

  12. Congrats to the Senators on the Bobby Ryan acquisition..well done. C Mac ?.. will get his point’s; especially when the Senators play the Leafs. Alfie in Detroit? Caught me by surprise but hey..things change.

    Nonis: Somehow we knew Clarkson was a done deal but at 5.25 a year? Bozak,..well.. you did fairly good on that one; all things considered and it seemed both sides compromised to a point on term and $ Perhaps you’re not done but not sure you’ve really improved the team much either. But it’s only July