Breaking: NHL Makes New CBA Offer to NHLPA.

Today’s NHL CBA meetings resulted in the league making a new CBA proposal to the NHLPA.

NHL makes new CBA proposal to NHLPA.

As per SPORTSNET.CA, Details are as follows:

– NHL proposes a 50-50 split “across the board” of hockey-related revenue with the PA.

– Eligibility for unrestricted free agency would be at either age 28, or eight years of NHL service.

Entry level contracts would be four years in length. Correction: ELC will remain at 3 years in length.

– Revenue sharing would be at or near $200 million.

– Contract lengths would be five years.

– Salary arbitration would remain in place.

– Salaries for NHL players demoted to AHL would still count against the salary cap.

As per Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer, “If players accept proposal, a one-week training period would be held”.

The NHL’s offer is apparently contingent upon an 82-game schedule for this season beginning on November 2. The NHLPA is conducting a conference call with its player reps at 5 pm ET today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if the NHLPA will accept this offer. I’m guessing the PA will make a counter-offer. Whether or not this is the actual breakthrough needed to get negotiations going toward a resolution remains to be seen, but it’s the first real movement in that direction in weeks. More updates (hopefully) later today.


  1. Take it. TAKE IT GODDAMNIT!

  2. I think the PA is going to accept this, but will want to further discuss things like revenue sharing. It’d be a total public relations disaster if PA rejects it unless they table a counter offer that the NHL accepts. They would be stupid to even consider missing this Nov 2 start date as this is the best that they’ll ever get.

  3. Okay, for those who are or were so pro-player, once again the NHL is the one putting up a proposal, and a fair proposal at that. So what excuses are Fehr and his boys going to come up with to ignore this one? They say they want to play this season……the owners offer includes an 82 game season. They say they don’t want a rollback…..the owners offer doesn’t include a rollback. I have been pro-owner in this since the start, and I personally am surprised by the owners offer.

    Considering the NHLPA has not presented anything since the initial offer, and all they do is take turns on Twitter acting like asses, whining about how poorly they are treated and how they never get any respect, I would not have been so generous and made this offer. But having said that, I am curious to see if and how the NHLPA twists this offer into a negative, and we all know they will, I think they will not consider a 50/50 split, I think for appearances sake they want even that 1% more than the owners to say they “won”.

    And who is advising these guys??? Agents like Alan Walsh (how does that guy get clients?), or Donald Fehr, who has already stated that he is not staying with the NHLPA after this negotiation. No-one talks about that, the man is a mercenary who has no vested interest in the league and no matter what the result, he is walking away with his paycheck afterwards…….and everyone jumps on Bettman. Even one of the biggest players advocates Nik Kypreos says this is a fair proposal……and yet my gut tells me that in the next day or two we will be reading about how the players are upset about something or other in it, and that they can’t make a counter offer based on that.

    For those who have spent their time mocking or ridiculing Bettman and his salary, this is why the man makes his money. Already in discussion forums he is being mocked for “blinking”, seriously? The man and the owners step up to the plate and make a reasonable offer and they fans mock him? I will say he has earned more of my respect in this negotiations than Fehr and any of the players.

    • Thank you, you are absolutely right. A lot of people always act like Bettman is THE bad guy, we will find out pretty soon if the NHLPA really want´s to play a full season.

      I doubt that they will accept that offer, but hopefully this is a major step. Personally I don´t think there will be 82 games and I don´t think that the season starts Nov. 2nd.

  4. 50/50 was what it was gonna come down to and seems the fairest split.
    I think they should accept and maybe adjust a few other items.
    I like the 5 year contract cap. Some of these long term ones to lower the cap are a joke and should all be adjusted to 5 yr cutoffs.
    Here’s hoping for a season please.

  5. It would have been nice of Bettman to offer this proposal sooner. If the deal isn’t accepted right away by the NHLPA then the PA looks like the loser on this deal because they didn’t accept it and threw away the only chance at a 82 game season. It’s a smart move but one that the NHLPA won’t bite on.

  6. One week training camp,are they serious? Yeah the owners want an 82 game schedule of course,money. Fifty fifty split in revenue I would like to see how “revenue” is defined this time around.I am all for short term contracts,eight year free agency seems a bit long,3 year initial contract length is fine but there is way too much long term implications and when would the next lockout be approximately? There are still too many teams and too many players not worthy of NHL participation.There has to be some contraction and too many teams make the playoffs, June is still too long of a season for me.Think outside the box or don’t bother.I want to see some hockey on basic cable as well.

  7. if they so no they are nuts. 82 games and even split what more can you ask for. if they reject it i am sure the fans will say screw you and watch the Disney channel.

  8. If nhl players salaries count against the cap if they are demoted to thr ahl, then the rangers are screwed cause of wade redden

    • What are you talking about? Even counting Redden, they’re at $64.375M. Gives them something like $6-7M to sign Del Zotto and deal with call-ups during the season. Where do your numbers come from?

    • gotta think there will be some sort of penalty-free buyout period for teams. counting ahl players against the cap is a pretty big thing and the owners wouldn’t hamstring themselves like (at least in the short term, i’m sure they will find a way to mess it up in the next few seasons, but they’ll have an “out” for current contracts.)

  9. I think this is a very fair offer.

    5 year contracts actually an mean that the player can make more overall money. This also could create more movement in the NHL…


    Accept the offer.

  10. One question I have…is there a buyout clause for bad contracts?

  11. This is a starting point.

    I dont recall what the NFL and NBA have on the salary split but its near 50/50….that is what the NHL should have.

    I think a compromise on the free agency would be 7 years or 29 years as of 1 July which ever happens first…with a minimum of 5 full years in the league.

    A big issue is with 50/50 split, thus lowered cap, How will it fall out with players if they don’t have players take salary cuts and sending them down to the AHL count against the cap? If they lowere the cap then the players salaries across the board should be lowered to adjust to the current cap at the same rate the % drop in player share.

  12. Finally, a reasonable offer. Bettman just made himself look like a hero with this and has painted Fehr into a corner. Now anything the nhlpa does will be considered nitpicking and greedy (even though it already did appear they were greedy). I’m still not buying a single NHL product besides my yearly Montreal tix. I want their revenue to drop to show that the fans are the ones who pay for this league and we want our game. We don’t need greedy assholes arguing over our money while holding all I is from enjoying our game. Lets get this over with and have our entertainment back tht we pay for.

  13. an 82 game schedule for a season starting on november 2nd is crazy talk! that’s too many games in too few days. as it is the playoffs go too far into the late spring/early summer.