Bruins re-sign Marchand.

Marchand inks four-year contract extension.

The Boston Bruins have announced the re-signing of forward Brad Marchand to a four-year, $18 million contract extension, effective 2013-14. The average annual cap hit will be $4.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marchand is in the final season of his current contract paying him $2.5 million, so his new deal is a tidy raise which anticipates continued improvement from the 24-year-old, who netted 28 goals and 55 points last season, and whose 11 goals in 25 playoff games in 2011 was crucial to the Bruins Stanley Cup championship.


  1. If the owners have it their way it’s really only like a million dollar raise.

    A million dollar raise. Hold on a minute while I choke on that.

    A million dollar raise for kids like Marchand who haven’t even seen the quarter-century mark, and the NHL and PA can’t come to terms because of money.

    Does anyone else suddenly feel the urge to hit a punching bag, or am I the only one?

  2. Ye, not your average-Joe paycheck. Players greed is just as big as the owners.

  3. by hockey standards a good signing,im happy im a bruins fan.had a good season last year and the year before that.and if he stays around 30 goals a year hes producing more than alot of guys making that much in the leauge.

  4. I like the rat getting his money rather than a player not especially adept at getting his nose dirty getting his.Thornton and Lucic earn their money as does Marchand.