Bruins Ship Seguin to Stars for Eriksson in Multi-player Trade.

The Boston Bruins have traded forwards Tyler Seguin, Rich Peverley and minor league defenseman Ryan Button to the Dallas Stars in exchange for right wing Loui Eriksson, RW Reilly Smith, defenseman Joe Morrow, and LW Matt Fraser.

Tyler Seguin shipped to the Stars in multi-player swap.

Tyler Seguin shipped to the Stars in multi-player swap.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: In an age where blockbuster trades are rare, this one caught a lot of folks (myself included) by surprise. Seguin was reportedly being shopped heading into the NHL Draft Weekend, but reports out of Boston subsequently claimed Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli had cooled to the idea after Nathan Horton decided to become a free agent.  That he’s willing to give up on Seguin, only 21 and once considered a “can’t-miss” NHL star, suggests there’s some maturity issues with the young forward.

Chiarelli’s not stupid. He wouldn’t give up on a promising youngster for merely cap reasons. Whatever the reason, this could haunt the Bruins down the road if Seguin blossoms into a superstar.  It’ll be interesting to hear the Bruins’ rationale for this in the coming days.  In the meantime, the Bruins find a suitable replacement for Horton in Loui Eriksson, who’s been a consistent point producer over the past five seasons. He’s also more affordable that Seguin, carrying a $4.25 million per season cap hit to 2016. They also pick up some affordable depth in Smith (who played 37 games with the Stars last season) and Fraser (12 games with the Stars).

The Bruins will shed around $5 million, clearing up sufficient cap space to re-sign Tuukka Rask, ink Patrice Bergeron to a long-term extension which would kick in next summer, and leave additional space for another addition via trade or free agency

As for the Stars, new GM Jim Nill is proving he’s unafraid to make a bold move. Eriksson’s been the Stars most consistent scorer over the past five years, with three seasons of 70-plus points, but Nill obviously feels Seguin has more upside, possibly becoming the first line center the Stars have been lacking. If Seguin is paired with winger Jamie Benn, the duo could provide the Stars with a lethal offensive punch.

Moving out Eriksson, however, does leave them weak on right wing, especially on the first line. I don’t see Peverley going into that role, as he’s best suited for checking line work.The Stars also take on salary with this deal. In addition to Seguin’s $5.75 million per season cap hit to 2019, they also get Peverley’s $3.25 million cap hit for this coming season and 2014-15.

In the short term, this deal could favor the Bruins, but if Seguin blossoms into a superstar playing alongside Jamie Benn in Dallas, they could rue the day they made this move.


  1. They had to make this deal. Seguin was never going to be a first, or a second line center in Boston. They get a pretty good, two way forward back in Eriksson. and some solid prospects back, and also get rid of Peverleys contract

  2. Theres way more to this story than we know rumour has it Tyler is a hand full. I love the kid but if he is trouble Bruins wont put up with it. Bet this wakes him up to bad its the Bruins that get the shaft.

  3. Agreed.. Peter isn’t new or stupid. Something was happening in Bean Town. The Seguin project has to be considered a failure, but Chiarelli responded well. Solid hockey trade

  4. Seems like a solid hockey-trade to me. Boston needed a rightwing and Seguin was never going to get his shot behind Bergeron and Krecji. Dallas needed a first-line center that fit into their youth movement. Solid parts filling in around the two big names. Good deal for both.

    I think Morrow could be the under-the-radar steal of this deal.

    • Agreed. Whether or not Seguin had attitude problems (all rumoured, possibly true, possibly not), this still seems like a solid hockey trade.

      B’s get a first line winger to replace Horton and I agree with you entirely that Morrow could be the steal here.

  5. Spector please provide input. I know it has been stated NHL would not certify a contract if a player was traded
    And then buyout by the new team and resign by the old team. But how about these players that have been bought out say briere signs with buffalo and after the preseason buffalo trades
    Him back to Philly
    For a 2nd round pick? Seems like a
    Good idea how would NHL stop this?

    • The league could stop it if they felt it constituted cap circumvention, though they would have to prove it.

  6. As a B’s fan I am okay with this trade. Lets face it, Seguin wasn’t going to crack the lineup at center. Not with krejci and Bertie being the studs they are. BJ’s had needs at RW and got excellent value for Seguin and Dallas filled their need for a top centerman and got peverly who is a speedy decent player. I think this will work short term and long term for both teams. Reilly smith and Matt Fraser are going to be great for Boston too.

    • Dang auto correct: *Bergy; *B’s

  7. Good deal for the B’s Seguin is a natural center,the Bruins poor draft day is now a wash with the prospects they garnered from Dallas. I hope Tyler gets his act together,Peverly’s contract is off the books and Louie will take Horton’s spot. Now they can lock up Bergie and sign Clarkson.

  8. The Habs signed another smurf , great wonderful.Go Habs go !!!

  9. Morrow will def be the steal of this deal.

  10. I am not exactly sure why you would call trading Seguin for Eriksson “giving up” on Seguin… Eriksson is no slouch.