Canadian Corner – August 1, 2011.

A prediction the Edmonton Oilers could be bound for greatness, and Montreal Canadiens forward Michael Cammalleri prepares for a youth hockey camp.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports USA Today hockey writer Kevin Allen predicts the Oilers, given their depth of promising young talent, could be “an elite Pittsburgh Penguins-style contender by 2013 or 2014″.  Staples asked his readers to vote on the possibility of the Oilers as serious Cup contenders by 2014, but he also suggested things could be set off-kilter by an injury or two, plus noted the jury is still out on Sam Gagner, Magnus Paajarvi, Linus Omark, Anton Lander and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staples offers up a sober assessment of the Oilers, for while noting they have a promising collection of youth, pointed out several factors, including current management’s sketchy trade and free agent history in recent years, which could potentially hamper their possible rise to Cup contention in a few years.


CANOE.CA: Benoit Rioux reports Montreal Canadiens winger Michael Cammalleri will be participating in Gary Roberts’ hockey camp from August 2 to 6th. Cammalleri admitted how inspired he was as a child when he met Wayne Gretzky, and wishes to give back to aspiring young players.


  1. Paajarvi only got better as the season went along, keep Omark if Hemsky goes, Lander seems like a 4th liner on this squad, If anyone gets traded I’d love to see Gagner go for a larger Center, Hopkins by the recent track record of 1st overall picks should be a shoe in. He seems like the natural fit to play in between Hall and Eberle, Pass first, play making center, Canadian! If that line blossoms like everyone is hoping for, is there a team in the league with a all Canadian trio like that leading the way.. can’t think of any. Team won’t be a cup Contender though until they figure out the Goaltending, Khabby was a horrible signing, Dubnyk is ok, but not a goalie that will lead us to the promise land.

  2. The Oiler’s definitely have the foundation for a shot a contending position but i hesitate with my enthusiasm as i am not really convinced management are the brightest bulbs on the tree. So far the additions have all been pretty much no-brainers lets see what management does when they have to think about making good moves….

  3. I think paajarvi will be the real deal. Edmonton will be exceptional in a couple year IF management keeps the players happy. The Oilers seem kind of sketchy, management wise. I like when celebrities/sports figures give back to fans and kids. As a ultra successful person it should be required that you contribute back. Looking forward to the next season!

  4. As great as some Edmonton’s youth is, none of them project to be Crosby-Malkin. So Pittsburgh-style is a bit of an overstatement. Chicago is a more accurate comparison.

  5. I agree with Oilersfan,

    Very exciting offence developing, and now defence starting to take shape.

    But goaltending…goaltending. Now that is the achilles heel. I’ll bet Steve Tambellini wakes up every night wondering how he can wrestle Cory Schneider away from Vancouver…That would be an exciting team to watch.