Canadian Corner – August 11, 2011.

The Winnipeg Jets new logo faces continued criticism from anti-war fans, and the Montreal police conclude their investigation into Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara’s check last March on Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty.


WINNIPEG SUN: Jason Halstead reports anti-war hockey fans in Winnipeg say the Jets new logo “alienates” them from the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I respect the anti-war viewpoints of those fans, but this is just silly. Where was their complaint when the club was called the “Jets”, which not only refers to passenger airliners, but also military aircraft? For that matter, where’s their “alienation” to Winnipeg’s CFL franchise, the Blue Bombers?  This is akin to Boston fans with melissophobia boycotting the Bruins over their name and third jersey logo, or Calgary fans with arsonphobia feeling alienated from the Flames, or ceraunophobic Tampa Bay hockey fans getting upset over their local NHL team’s name, or San Jose selachaphobs protesting the Sharks, or Raleigh lilapsophobic hockey fans snubbing the Hurricanes . If Winnipeg anti-war hockey fans are feeling “alienated” because of the team’s logo, that’s their problem, not that of the Jets. Deal with it, or find another team to cheer for.


MONTREAL GAZETTE (VIA FACEOFF.COM): reports of new a Montreal police investigation into the bone-rattling hit thrown by Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara on Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty, resulting in a fractured vertebrae for the latter, is reportedly now in the hands of prosecutors, though neither the police or the crown prosecutor could confirm this.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holy complete waste of time, Batman! Seriously, folks, there was no crime here, and this is an unnecessary use of police time and resources, which would be better spent pursuing real criminals and solving real crimes. 


  1. As a Habs fan, I find this whole investigation thing embarrassing.

  2. 1) What are people so het up about? It’s a JET. Your team name is the JETS.
    WTH? Should the logo depict a Boeing 747? Yeah. Awesome.

    2) I cannot agree more with you, Spector, or HABS_FTW. It is needless, pointless, and, quite frankly, embarrassing.

  3. I found it ironic that one of the prosecutors ( or an expert consultant ) commented that Chara had to be charged because he finished his check. I cannot recall how many times I have heard a coach tell a player, Please..don’t finish your check. If there was acharge or discipline to be meted out over this it should have been by the NHL, not the Police. Every player knows the risks involved in playing professional sports, and they figure its worth the millions they get paid.

  4. Right on, Cocktailsfor2, you ol’ Habs fan you…;)

  5. Here is why the Chara thing is going on: 1) the police had to issue a statement in the days after the game telling fans to stop chocking the phone lines with reports on the hit. Since many complaints were filed, the police MUST investigate, no matter how ridiculous. 2) It gained legs when the NHL did nothing about it and then Rome got 4 games for the hit on Horton. It all gets a little messier with Cambell’s son being on the Bruins. So what we are seeing is the police making motions so that they appear to be doing their jobs (they have been under the microscope of late for other incidents) and passing the buck to the prosecutors. I honestly believe law enforcement in Montreal would like nothing better than this mess to just slink away into some dark corner and never be heard of again. If they can drag this out as long as possible (say to the start of training camp) and get Max back on the ice, this can all go away. I agree, though, that the police have much better things to do.

  6. Right on HabsFan1, i still say jail his ass or fine him simple and short. The NHL has too many inconsistencies when it comes to calling penalties– Tooo mannnnnyyy. this is the reason why chara’s hit was investigated.

  7. What was wrong with the old logo?

  8. delvecchio,

    Personally, I found the old Jets logo boring, but that’s my personal opinion and I hope no one is insulted by it. I love the new logo, but disagree with the decision to make the jet with the Maple Leaf the primary logo and the winged version the secondary logo. I think they are completely mixed up and confused about what looks good on the front of the sweater and what looks good on the shoulder patch. Again, that’s just me. I love the new logos and I love the patriotism. I also love the Canadian Forces and the nation for its support in the war on terror, and I grieve with the nation every time it loses good people to this terrible situation (thanks to Grapes for honoring the troops better than anyone does here in the USA).

    I think the primary reason the new ownership chose to go with a new logo is because even though they had every right to both the name and old logo it is still the official history of the current Phoenix Coyotes (I write current because I don’t know if they will still be the Phoenix Coyotes after next season, which makes this even more sad that Winnipeg had to move another team from Atlanta of all places to Canada, make that doubly sad). That history will remain with the Coyotes franchise wherever they end up (I do hope they are able to remain in Phoenix), and whatever new name their team might have if they are forced to move elsewhere (again).