Canadian Corner – August 5, 2011.

The Senators invite back their original roster from 1992-93 to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and Peter Budaj gets advice from a former Habs goalie.


OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports the 1992-93 Senators roster will be part of the club’s “Back to the Future” campaign commemorating their 20th anniversary, which had former team captain Laurie Boschman musing over the club’s performance in its first season (when it won only ten games), and how far the franchise has come since then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a nice touch by the Senators to invite back the members of the ’92-’93 roster, though it bears remembering that roster had one of the worst records in NHL history. Senators fans 25 and younger who thought things were bad last season should take comfort in the fact that the current edition at least has some decent talent around which to rebuild. The same couldn’t be said for the roster of nearly twenty years ago. They really has come a long way, and for most of their history, has been a very good hockey club.


RDS.CA: Patrick Friolet reports new Montreal Canadiens backup goalie Peter Budaj received advice from fellow countryman and former Hab Jaroslav Halak, who told Budaj he’d love playing in Montreal, as it was a beautiful place while the Canadiens were a good organization with great fans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nice of Halak to call Budaj to set the latter’s mind at ease over what to expect in Montreal. Habs fans have a special place in their hearts for Halak, who carried an underdog Canadiens team to upset playoff victories over Washington and Pittsburgh in 2010, and it’s obvious he feels the same about them. 


  1. Classy of Halak to speak highly of Montreal despite being traded immediately following his best showing. Some of his colleagues could learn from him.

  2. Sign of a true proffesional. It is really too bad Montreal could not hold on to both Price and Halak. No disrespect to Peter Budaj, but Price/Halak would be one of the best goalie tandems in the league.

  3. I remember that first edition of the Senators.They opened the practice to the public the day before their game vs the Habs.I caught a puck from that practice and still have it today. In their 10 wins that season,which the majority where at home at the Civic Center they shared with the Ottawa 67’s at the time,until the present arena was being built. The Sens had beaten the Habs in their home opener and the defending cup champions at the time, Mario Lemieux and the Penguins,with Scotty Bowman behind the bench.

  4. The Sens won a total of 24 games out of 168 in their first two seasons in the league. At the time,teams played 84 games a season.

  5. The Sen’s were horrible back then however the fan’s in Ottawa really didn’t care that much, they were just happy to have a team! Thank you Lyle, this team really has been a top level team for most of its history. They may have not been able to win the big one but at least they came close. Expect to see a competitive team emerge from the ashes within a two to three years.