Canadian Corner – August 9, 2011.

New Blackhawks Dan Carcillo looks to stir the pot in his club’s rivalry with the Canucks, ex-Senators Alex Kovalev trashes former Ottawa coach Cory Clouston and the Ottawa media, and the Oilers renew their deal with a local radio station.


VANCOUVER SUN: reports new Chicago Blackhawks forward Dan Carcillo attempted to stir the pot in his new team’s rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks, singling out Max Lapierre, Tanner Glass and Raffi Torres as three he’d look forward to matching up against…although the latter two are no longer with the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Either Carcillo wasn’t aware of the Canucks off-season changes (which doesn’t make him stupid, just ignorant), or he’s doing a brilliant job of stirring up the emotions of fans of both teams. Discuss!


OTTAWA CITIZEN: reports former Senator Alex Kovalev, in a recent interview with Sovetsky Sport (and translated by Dmitry Chesnokov of Yahoo! Sports) recently had some choice words for former Senators head coach Cory Clouston and the Ottawa media.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not Clouston’s fault, or the Ottawa media, why Kovalev’s performance declined while a Senators. He should try looking in a mirror. 


EDMONTON SUN: reports the Oilers are sticking with 630 CHED radio, signing a three-year extension with the station.


  1. Carcillo shouldn’t be in the league. He is an embrassment. He is not very well liked.

    It is a shame that Kovalev won’t be in the NHL this season but bad karma always comes and gets you. All the talent in the world is no excuse for having a bad attitude.

  2. Kovalev was paid $10M over two years and seemed indifferent and disinterested most nights with a team that really needed goal scoring and leadership. If you ever wonder why people stereotype Russian players look no further than he or Alexei Yashin. Loads of talent but sadly no heart.

  3. I have no problem with Carcillo as long as he backs up his words on the ice.

  4. I can’t stand Carcillo. He’s one of the biggest morons in the league and is a disgrace to this sport. I don’t understand why he even got a press conference in the first place.

  5. Most likely neither Dan Carcillo nor most of the NHL players who are on summer holidays know where Glass and Torres ended up signing, so that’s not entirely surprising. That said I might go on a limb and say Carcillo is likely not one to check his facts before firing a broadside. In the end of the day sport is entertainment and that entertainment can often be stoked quite effectively off the ice as well as on it. He’s fired up to be on a new team and is trying to get the fans excited up the upcoming season too. Given the amount of offseason acquisitions (as opposed to last season’s exodus) there is probably a boosted sense of confidence in the Hawks’ potential this season and Carcillo is reflecting that in the only way he knows how.

  6. No problems with what Carcillo has said, he’s doing his job in the summer! Chicago should give him a bonus, betweem the teams heated rivalry and the way the nucks handled themselves in the finals I wouldn’t be surprized if other players voice opinions similiar to Carcillo down the road.. Eager I’m sure will have plenty of words.

  7. I can’t believe anyone, especially Chicago, signed that moron Carcillo. Like HABS_FTW says, he never backs up his yapping on the ice. Captain serious must be seriously furious to have to defend and support a guy like him every night.. Now that he is in the Western Conference, I can’t wait for him to get a regular board meeting with the likes of Francois Beachemin, Shea Weber, Douglas Murray, Niklas Kronwall etc. They will wear him down like a mother-in-law.

  8. Carciilo’s only talent is his mouth..considering that the west is heavily talented I would say that if the Hawks are only interested in winning fights that is the only way Carcillo will be beneficial to them. He’s a goon and not a very good one at that..wont make much of a difference.