Canadian Corner – December 1, 2011.

Flames lose Mark Giordano for at least a week…Mason Raymond set to return for Canucks…Sam Gagner struggling to score…The return of Shane Doan to Winnipeg for the first time since 1996…Finding some good in another Leafs loss to the Bruins…The Senators numbers in the first quarter of the season…Canadiens fall to Ducks.


Flames lose Giordano for 7 days.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames have lost reliable blueliner Mark Giordano for at least seven days to a hamstring injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They’ll be hoping he’s only out a week. Giordano is the Flames best all-round defenseman, so losing him for any amount of time could be a serious blow to this struggling team.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Mason Raymond is set to return to action after recovering from a serious back injury suffered during this past spring’s Stanley Cup Final. He’ll provide speed, but not toughness, an element the club appears to be lacking.

EDMONTON SUN: Sam Gagner continues to struggle offensively this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers are hoping he’ll regain that touch if he can stay healthy over the remainder of the season, but his slump will ensure his name remains in the Oilers trade rumor mill.

WINNIPEG SUN: Shane Doan will step on Winnipeg ice for the first time since he was with the original Jets back in 1996, as the Phoenix Coyotes meet the new version of the Jets tonight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’ll hopefully be well received by the Winnipeg fans.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons tries to find the good in yet another Maple Leafs loss to the Boston Bruins, pointing out that, at least this time, the Leafs were in it for much of the game, despite falling 6-3.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, the Leafs played better, but they still lost. The Bruins have their number so far.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: A look at the Senators numbers through the first quarter of this season.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens fell to the floundering Anaheim Ducks 4-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I only saw the highlights of this game, but judging from what I saw, and of the opinion of the Montreal sportswriters who followed this game, it was perhaps the Canadiens worst showing of the season. Looks like they took the woeful Ducks for granted.


  1. Fact is that Toronto will likely lose 4 of 6 games to each of Boston and Buffalo this season and 3 of 4 to Philadelphia and between those 3 teams only, that’s 22 points they won’t get this season. Injuries or no injuries, those 3 teams seem to have their number which makes qualifying for the post season a bit of a stretch by and large.

  2. Well, at the risk of being really anal, Doan has played in Winnipeg since 1996, he played in the exhibition game between Calgary and Phoenix in 2008. But I get what you are saying, this is still a big deal for Winnipeg and Doan.

    I’m not certain Doan will be all that well recieved either. He had said some remarks regarding the Coyotes possible relocation to Winnipeg, which some people took as anti-Winnipeg. However, I’m not sure if what Shane Doan said was any different in substance than what Teemu Selanie said about signing in Winnipeg this year. Yet they love Teemu, and there is a dis-like for Doan.

    Either way, its exciting to see hockey back in Winnipeg, and I’m sure it will still be an emotional moment for both Doan and the fans.

  3. Joey has a crystal ball!

  4. Well I disagree with the leafs losing all those points. Ya I believe they will lose prolly all 6 games to the Bruins though lets not forget that the leafs beat the Sabers much of last year. The sabers are not the contenders that people think them to be. Also Phili is not the strong team Boston is. I belive the leafs will take them 3 of 6 this year. So your numbers are blown up. Just my opinion.

  5. @GripitandRipit..well thanks for the feedback and after checking the numbers it would seem that the Sabres did indeed beat the Maple Leafs 4 of 6 games last year, Philadelphia did indeed win 3 of 4 games from Toronto last year and since you’ve apparently conceded all 6 games to Boston this year, well that makes the grand total of points lost to 8+6+ now 12= 26 points they likely won’t get this year. Thanks for your help Gripit

  6. So they wont get 26 out of a posible 164 points. It doesnt mean they will miss the playoffs.

  7. The Habs shouldn’t be taking anyone for granted..Hopefully, they lose the next 2 and we see the end of Martin and his “system”…He just sucks the life out of any young offensive player we have…

  8. NikK you have to count in the games they have already played, they haven’t just started the season, we are a quarter through. Usually a playoff team in the post lockout era has averaged 94-112, with the 100 point teams being the division leaders usually, missing 26 points can be huge, and potentially make a team miss the playoffs. I can see the leafs maybe pulling out 96 points if they play decent hockey throughout the year, but if they dont and they drop the ball, those 26 points are gonna look huge. Every point counts these days in the NHL

  9. @NikK..hey Kent74 makes a valid statement. While anything is possible, not being able to beat or at least go .500 against the better teams means you aren’t going to fare well in the dance in April should you even get there. Furthermore, laying eggs as the Leafs seem to do against teams they should beat from time just compounds the problem.

    To date, the Leafs are 0-3 against Boston, 0-1 against Philly and Ryan Miller, who somehow has the Maple Leafs spooked, is set to return to action very soon and will likely be in goal Friday Dec 16 for the first of 6 games this season against the Leafs this season. So while I am ever the optimist for my Leafs, until they start beating the above said teams with a least a .500 record, playoffs are not likely going to happen anytime soon.

  10. @Joey

    I think to say you are a leafs optimist would be a far stretch from reading your previous posts, although I do agree with you that if the leafs do not pick up there play against the top contenders in the East there playoff hopes do look bleak