Canadian Corner – December 16, 2011.

Leafs scoring duo attracting attention…Senators need to do more to help Craig Anderson…Jets coach unhappy over 1-0 loss to Capitals…Canadiens PP woes continue…Flames fall to Lightning in OT…Taylor Hall scores twice in Oilers loss to Coyotes…Mark Messier still looking for money from Canucks.


Teams focusing more on Leafs top scorers.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs offensive tandem of Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul are finding scoring chances more difficult to come by as teams start to key in on them as the season progresses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s the down side of being scoring stars, especially two of the leading scorers in the league. Teams pay more attention on shutting you down. This’ll be a good test for Kessel and Lupul if they hope to remain among the league’s leading scorers this season.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators head coach Paul MacLean wants his team to play better in front of goalie Craig Anderson. The Senators have lost six of their last eight games.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets coach Claude Noel was furious over his team’s performance in a 1-0 loss to the Washington Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In the past, the Jets/Thrashers might’ve been happy to lose a close game to a divisional rival like the Capitals. Noel, on the other hand, doesn’t appear willing to let his players off the hook.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens power-play still needs work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They’ve improved a little in recent games, but they’re not capitalizing nearly enough.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames fell in overtime 5-4 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The good news for the Oilers is Taylor Hall scored twice against the Phoenix Coyotes. The bad news is they lost 4-2, and have gone 2-6-1 since November 26.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Failure to improve on that record could push management into the trade market after the holiday trade freeze.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: One-time Canucks captain Mark Messier is pursuing the team over money they allegedly still owe him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s not going to endear Messier to Canucks fans, whose memories of his time in Vancouver are sour.



  1. Kessel and Lupul could sure use some help from the second and third lines. Unless Grabovski and the boys get it going, the Leafs could slide even further in the standings. I see a trade after Christmas unless their secondary scoring improves.

  2. If Cammalleri could pull his hands out of his ass, grab his work boots, and make some tough plays the PP would be better. Actually, Pleks PP goal should have counted last night with colestanding in the crease and then allowing the Philly goal while a guy sits on Price. And cole had a tap in right before he was cross checked into the net from behind. Those both were PP opportunities. The refs blew that one. I know the habs had enough chances but if Pleks goal stands then that was a serious momentum changer. Instead the refs call a ton of make up calls then miss the goalie interference on price that ends up in the net ????????? I swear the NHL does nothing to educate these refs and hold them accountable. I forget their names but I know their faces and even at the beginning of the game when I saw those mugs I thought ” aw shit, this is going to be a stupid game” and I was right. Oh well, hopefully they can beat NJ on Saturday and stay in the playoff hunt.

  3. Messier owes money to the Canucks fans.

  4. lyle
    still bitter about 94 when the oiler…. i mean rangers took van down for the cup

  5. Messier was a total bust as a Canuck. the “consumate” leader led them down the garden path and tarnished his own legacy. when you see the “murderer’s row” of offensive wingers he had the chance to work with you have to wonder what could’ve been had Vancouver signed Gretzky (the Canucks almost signed him the year before but apparently George McPhee screwed it up … when later asked if he was serious about signing with Vancouver Gretzky replied that his family had already started checking out schools in the Vancouver area). in his first year in Vancouver Messier had the chance to play with Pavel Bure, Alexander Mogilny, Trevor Linden, Martin Gelinas, Markus Naslund, and Todd Bertuzzi. any rough stuff would’ve been taken care of by Brashear, Odjick, or May. the defence could be counted on to provide offense as well with Lumme, Murzyn, Babych,McCabe, Aucoin, Ohlund, and Hedican patrolling the blueline. in short there was plenty of potential there but Messier didn’t deliver, the first year he was in Vancouver he finished with 60 points (22 goals and 38 assists) and unfortunately that was the high water mark of his time as a Canuck. the first year AFTER Messier Vancouver put together the West Coast Express (Naslund, Bertuzzi, and Morrison), had the Sedins as their 3rd line (Daniel had 20 goals and Henrik had 15 in their rookie season compared to the 17 Messier scored the year before when Messier logged almost TWICE the ice time!) and made the playoffs something they NEVER managed while Messier was there.