Canadian Corner – December 2, 2011.

Maple Leafs won’t replace Wilson with Carlyle behind the bench…Looking at the decline of the Ducks and Senators since their 2007 Cup Final series…Doan receives standing “O” from Winnipeg fans…Another delay in Andrei Markov’s return?…Mason Raymond’s return to Canucks delayed…Flames fall to Blue Jackets in shootout…Oilers sense a difference this season.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke was quick to dismiss speculation he might replace coach Ron Wilson with Randy Carlyle, who coached the Anaheim Ducks when Burke was their GM.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burke might not replace during the season, but in the off-season, perhaps, if the Leafs fail to make the playoffs. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Wayne Scanlan examines the decline of the Senators and Ducks since the two clubs clashed in the 2007 Stanley Cup Final.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s incredible to see how these two teams declined so quickly since that high water mark nearly five years ago. Some of that can be blamed on mismanagement, the rest on the salary cap, which was supposedly designed to help teams like the Ducks and Senators.

Doan gets ovation from Winnipeg fans.

WINNIPEG SUN: Winnipeg fans took a time out in the first period from booing the Phoenix Coyotes every time they touched the puck to give former Winnipeg Jet Shane Doan a standing ovation. Doan is the last player still remaining on the original Jets which moved to Phoenix in 1996. The New Jets beat the Old Jets 1-0.

LA PRESSE: Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov didn’t follow the team to San Jose yesterday, staying in Anaheim to meet with a doctor regarding his surgically repaired knee.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Habs fans are wondering if Markov will ever play again, and if he does, will he stay healthy? The guy seems as fragile as a china doll right now.

VANCOUVER SUN: Mason Raymond’s return to the Canucks has been delayed because the team missed the deadline for filing the necessary paperwork with the league reactivating him. He’ll make his debut Sunday against Calgary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Somebody in the Canucks office will be getting a talking to!

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets in a shootout by a score of 4-3.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers can sense a difference this season compared to recent ones, as they feel now they have a chance to win every night.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Their depth in talent has considerably improved this season. They still have areas in need of improvement, and making the playoffs isn’t a sure thing, but for the first time in a long time, they’re icing a decent team, one which should continue to improve in the coming years.


  1. If the Leafs were going to replace Wilson, Dallas Eakins would already be doing that … just saying.

  2. The Ducks decline was due in part to some changes in officiating. The physically bruising style of play the 2007 Dark Wing Ducks used to win the Stanley Cup skirted the line of legal/not legal. After the Ducks won the Cup, the officials moved that “line” from what was once there was a grey area, the refs started clamping down on the Ducks. the few seasons after 2007 the Ducks saw lopsided officiating in games because the Refs were watching the Ducks more than the other teams. It seemed that if there was a doubt, call the penalty on the Ducks anyway (as was the case for some tripping calls that video replays show the player simply lost an edge and went down). Now I am not complaining about bad officiating, but just stating the point that the Refs were more focused on the Ducks then their opponents during the 08 and 09 seasons. And as such, they had to change their game and were no longer as Physically intimidating to play against (especially when the refs are not paying as close attention to you)

  3. Recently on TSN radio when asked if due to the teams good start has Ron Wilson earned an extension and Burke said yes; and would likely be done somewhere around Xmas time. So unless I misunderstood that answer, Wilson is going nowhere and unfortunately for Dallas Eakins, he will likely have to leave the organization to become a head coach elsewhere as unless the team tanks bad between now and Xmas, Santa is going to stuff with Wilson’s stocking with money and not coal

  4. Burke told cybalski that it was none of his business

  5. @Joey On the Brian Hayes show on TSN (I think it was Tuesday), when he asked Burke about a Wilson extension, Burke replied it’s none of (Hayes’) business. To me it’s obvious that Wilson will remain until the Leafs post-season fate is determined.

    As a side note let me advise you all not to fall behind reading Spec, it takes forever to catch up.

  6. @Jrd18 We both heard the same thing. Was it Cybulski? Sorry if I’m wrong. If you’re going to reply at the same time as me I’ve got to learn to type faster.

  7. Eakins would be a good candidate for the Iles, Aves, Jackets as they are fairly young teams. I think Carlyle could land in Calgary.

  8. I am sickened by the Vancouver Canucks, hence they used to be my second favourite team. after the oil. People like gillis, tambo, renney, are ruining the religeon of Hockey. Those three are the laziest people in the game. Has anyone noticed how they throw others under the bus.

  9. Playoffs or no playoffs, the Leafs should not have Wilson behind the bench next season. He was never able to get a ery talented Sharks team over the hump, and will have (maybe) 1 successful season out of 4 in Toronto.

    Dallas Eakins wil lbe swooped up by another team if they dont put him behind the bench next season.

  10. Gravitymike, to funny, I think it was cybalski but I could be wrong

  11. I sure hope the Oilers continue to improve into a great team. It’s tough to really hate a team when they are no good. Its much easier to hate them when you are jealous of how good they are (as many of us remember from the 80’s).

    Hopefully, soon I can re-start hating the Oilers.

  12. @Jrd18 No, I believe you’re right. It was later in the day than Hayes’ time slot.

  13. Well it’s too bad about Wilson staying put with both Dallas Eakins and Carlyle available as after tonight’s 4-1 loss against Boston, it sure appears that Wilson is being out coached as he has no answer to Boston’s trap game.