Canadian Corner – July 24, 2011.

Josh Gorges’ new contract with the Canadiens raised some eyebrows, and Jets merchandise is selling well.


CTV MONTREAL: Arpon Basu doesn’t understand why the Canadiens signed defenseman Josh Gorges to a one-year, $2.5 million contract, which would make him eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer.

“Gorges is not a huge man, he’s not particularly fast, he’s not overly physical, but he knows what he needs to do to do his job. And he does it extremely well through a sheer force of will, one that can become infectious when a teammate isn’t feeling it on a given night.

This was an opportunity to lock up that kind of influence and work ethic and reliability for a very long time.

The fact it didn’t get done is extremely puzzling.”

Basu did acknowledge Gorges’ recovery from reconstructive knee surgery and his strengths weren’t tangible, making it difficult to put into dollars and sense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay the fact Carey Price and PK Subban will need new contracts next season, combined with uncertainty over what the next CBA will contain and its impact upon payrolls, as well as Gorge’s knee surgery, are the likely reasons. That doesn’t mean Gorges won’t get a long-term deal from the Habs before next summer, but it also means his remaining with the Habs beyond next season isn’t a certainty.


WINNIPEG SUN: Ross Romaniuk reports the new-look Jets merchandise has been flying off the shelves in Winnipeg since it was made available for purchase last Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how quickly the Jets sold season tickets, it shouldn’t be surprising their new merchandise is selling so well and so quickly



  1. Ya, I was really surprised at the length of Gorges contract. I’m thinking there’s more to this knee then anyone’s letting off. I do see that we’ll need to sign Price and PK, and the CBA stuff, but still. 2.5-3 million over 3-4 years wouldn’t have put too much a dent into that. It’s just a bit odd to me..

  2. We were all surprised about Gorges’ contract because the media told us for months that the deal would be 4 or 5 years at around 3 mil. As much as I like Gorges, that seemed like a big commitment to me. I agree with Spector. Too many things are unknown about next year. Some would like to convert Gill to a coach and make that cash Gorges’. But Gill may want to play another year, and still be in condition to do so. Spacek is almost certainly done with the Habs after this year, but if Subban plays as well or better than last year, there goes that extra cash. Never mind having to sign Pacioretty and Price. There is still a lot of unknown about our new defensemen. The Gomez puzzle is yet to be solved. The CBA is out there. I like this deal, and overall, I like Gauthier’s conservative approach.

  3. Nobody seems to notice that Markov, with two ACL injuries got a three year 5.75 commitment and Gorges gets one. To me, that is the real head scratcher. I get all the reasons for giving Gorges one year, but I do no understand why that logic has not applied to Markov. Yes, Markov has a lot more offensice potenttail and all that but none of that matters if he is out due to injury.

  4. The two situations simply do not compare… if the Habs did not take the risk on Markov, someone else would have. He was a UFA. I suspect the deal we got was negotiated down from what he was asking. In the meanwhile, Gorges was a RFA, and the remaining year was a good assessment year. Gauthier did not have that luxury with Markov. He had to bite the bullet or let him walk. The players also do not compare. The whole league knows who Markov is, while most teams barely recognize Gorges’ name. There is a reason for that.

  5. @ Casey….You nailed it. Cautious, conservative, and psychological cap management by Gauthier.
    A lot can happen in a year, and if Gorges meets expectations and recovers well from his surgery they will extend him. I thought 3 years was a strectch for Montreal to offer Markov, but if they did not, they would have lost him for sure. Gorges knows he has to prove his worth, and they have given him a chance to do so.

  6. From what I understand a team can only insure the contracts of a few players on the team. I am guessing they could insure Markov, but not Gorges. Another reason for Markovs deal to be longer. That being said I hope Gorges sticks around after next year.

  7. I’m not familiar with insuring the contracts. What do you know about it?