Canadian Corner – July 25, 2011.

Don Cherry’s opinion of the Winnipeg Jets new logo, and examining how well the Oilers have replaced Dustin Penner.


WINNIPEG SUN: Ross Romaniuk reports Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry gives a thumbs-up to the Jets new logo.

“I would wear it, for sure, because it looks good. It’s got some style about it, I’ll tell you that. It’s a hell of a lot better than an awful lot (of the logos) in the National Hockey League that I wouldn’t wear, for sure. I’d be proud to wear that, and proud to have that on a cap. I’ll tell you that. And the players will be, too. How could you do better than to honour the people who lay their lives down for us?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not surprising the Jets new logo gets Cherry’s stamp of approval, which has been gaining popularity among hockey fans in general, and Jets fans in particular.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples declared Dustin Penner was the Oilers best winger (based on statistical analysis) over the past three seasons, and wondered if the club has done enough to replace him.

“Ryan Smyth and Teemu Hartikainen are both adept at screening the goalie, one of Penner’s main tasks.

Ryan Jones also has a bit of Penner in him, crashing hard to the net and playing tough on the boards.

Between Smyth, Hartikainen and Jones, they can take up some slack, though I don’t see any of them having the ability to make everyone else on their line better, as Penner was able to do for long stretches the past three seasons”.

Staples does however suggest Hartikainen and Curtis Hamilton could, in the long run, take some of the sting out of the Penner trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting analysis by Staples. It’s never easy to replace a good player, especially in the short term, but if Hartikainen and Hamilton pan out, it could certainly take the sting out of the trade in the long run. Only time will tell.




  1. I wonder if the Oil have discussed extension with Hemsky, now that July 1st has passed…? My guess would be they re-sign him, but I’d love to see him on the trade market.

  2. Staples must be living in a I love Dustin Penner world, every oiler fan I know of has done nothing but complain and moan with good reason about all those things that Penner never did! He’s the softest power forward in the league, if he was so good at standing in front of the net where’s the powerplay proof!? Why did everytime he went into the boards for the puck did he never use that big frame of his, routinely smaller players would take the puck away from him. Smyth alone brings more onto the ice then Penner ever has or could. As far as Hemsky if the oilers are serious about this rebuild he stays! He gets signed for another 4-5 years and keeps doing what he does, provide excellent offensive contributions. When he’s not battling injuries he’s one of the best in the league at that end of the game, why trade a younger guy that loves playing as an oiler?!? I’d be sick to my stomach seeing his skills on another team. We have enough young skilled talent, we don’t need him sent packing. The defense will come, either with the prospects maturing or through free agency. They will want to play with this towards that have been assembled.

  3. These forwards**

  4. If Hemsky doesn’t have a new deal in place by the trade deadline he will be moved regardless of how well he plays this season. Theres no way that Edmonton front office is going to risk him walking away on July 1st and get nothing in return for it. That being said I don’t see him going anywhere this year and that he will sign for 5 more years, however if another team that needs to reach cap floor, like the Islanders’ comes in with an insane offer Tambellini will jump all over it!!! Omarkhas nearly the same skill set as Hemsky and will eventually get his chance in the top 6 but I don’t see it for a few years at least…

  5. I for one am happy with the penner trade….Teubert and klefbom on the point will make that trade look genious…People forget the L.A. coach ripped penner in the playoffs for being soft….The offense will be SCARY and hopefuly the defense will develop….That being said it will be another season with a high draft pick but not the first…i believe florida will make that selection….