Canadian Corner – November 20, 2011.

In today’s roundup of notable Canadian NHL team news: The Oilers stomp a mudhole into the Chicago Blackhawks…Carey Price gets second straight shutout…Jets are in a winning groove of late…Cody Franson could see a bigger role with the injury-ravaged Leafs defense  roster…Curtis Glencross’ long road to the NHL…Senators to face a good test in Vancouver…Canucks not impressed with Mark Recchi’s recent comments.


Big night for Oilers Young Guns.

EDMONTON SUN: In a game reminiscent of their 1980s glory days, the Oilers whipped the Chicago Blackhawk 9-2, snapping a four-game losing streak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Big night for the Oilers “young guns” as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had five assists, Jordan Eberle had four points, and Taylor Hall potted a hat trick.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Carey Price got his second straight shutout as the Canadiens blanked the NY Rangers 4-0.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Habs have recovered from their early season slump, winning 8 of their last twelve games.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien chalks up his team’s three-game winning streak to improved team chemistry. The Jets thumped the Philadelphia Flyer 6-4 yesterday afternoon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could be a sign the Jets are getting used to their new coaching staff and their new location.

TORONTO SUN: Little-used defenseman Cody Franson could be taking on a bigger role on the injury-ravaged Leafs blueline roster. Franson had a goal and an assist and was plus-2 in the Leafs 7-1 thumping of the Washington Capitals on Saturday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Mike Komisarek now expected out for at least 8 weeks, this is now Franson’s chance to shine.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane on the long, ultimately rewarding, road to the NHL for Flames forward Curtis Glencross.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators will face a good test to prove they’re for real when they face the Vancouver Canucks today.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks weren’t impressed with recently retired Mark Recchi calling them the most arrogant team he ever played against in his 22 NHL seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At least they’ve pretty much shrugged off his remarks. A lot of Canucks fans want Recchi tarred and feathered, or at the very least, no longer considered a native of British Columbia. 


  1. Recchi was completely correct. He also forgot soft, finger-biting, diving little pansies.

    As a general rule, in the playoffs after the Kings are eliminated, I root for the team playing the Ducks any Canadian team left standing. I’d like to see a Canadian team bring the cup back to it’s home.

    That said, I could not root for the Canucks last. I can’t even count the times one of the Sedin pansies skated in, hacked somebody, then when the player responded with a push or glove in the face, Sedin dropped to the ice like he was shot. If you want to play tough and chippy then fine, but don’t dive like a little beach.

  2. FYI The Jets almost blew that 5-1 lead they had…the final score was 6-4 against the Flyers, not 6-2.

    • Fixed, meant to type 6-4.

  3. Don’t forget “Not an ounce of a man” Lapiere.

  4. The playoff final Canucks were hard to like, as much as I wanted to cheer for the Canadians. That said, the Bruins are pretty consistently cheap bullies who are never taken to task by league disciplinarians. Glass houses, Recchi.

  5. Recchi was 100% correct. Canucks fans can’t stand to hear the truth about their team and their city.

  6. Hold on a second here….Who broke a players neck last year from Boston? Chara!
    Who broke Mason Raymonds back last season… forgot his name but that defenseman from Boston.
    Milan Lucic runs a goalie and gives him a concussion!!
    Can you say Recchi is a Hypocrite! Look at your own team first!!
    As for the other comments about the Canuck players, I would be jealous too and critize the other team for petty little things. I would like to know who they cheer for??
    Good luck with your last place teams.

  7. Ya Recchi is right… i hate the canucks… im a canadian and the canucks are the one team in the league i would never cheer for

  8. As a long time Nucks fan I got to admit the final was embarrasing!The way managment,coaching staff and the players handled themselves was pathetic.The total arrogance of the fans is overwhealming as well.And yes this is coming from a Canuck fan…one that isen’t afraid to speak the truth.

  9. Emery was dreadful and the Hawks just did not have their skating legs. Edmonton needed such a win, they seemed to be slumping a bit.

    The Canadiens played against…….no one. The Rangers did not even play that game. Terrible work ethic, no skating, terrible all across the board. Cannot complain too much after seven in a row, although it is frustrating watching certain Rangers playing still playing terrible hockey since Game 1 (Dubi, Boyle).

    Winnipeg’s offense is fine. The issue is not scoring. The issue is defense and inconsistent goaltending. But the defense is flat out awful. Every time I watch a bit of the Jets on Center Ice I see Zach Bogosian stinking it up being the cause of a goal allowed. The guy either needs a change of scenery or he is seriously an abysmal d-man.

    Franson played very good hockey in Nashville. Wilson sometimes has his bias on defensemen. What do Carle and Brad Stuart have in common? Former Sharks. Under former Sharks coach Wilson. Both were doghoused by Wilson. Both finished in the Finals. One won a Cup.

    No reason to trade Franson unless the return package is good. Frankly i see him as a good fit for the Rangers and John Torts. Del Zotto has fallen out of favor with me. He has the skills and superb vision, but the mental part of his game will never allow him to be a top 15 scoring d-man. He is almost as bad as Bogosian, in my opinion. Rangers need a big d-man that can provide some offense and be solid in his own end? I think Franson is the guy. Yet, no reason for the Rangers to trade at this time.

    Recchi’s comments? He has been one of the biggest divers in the NHL. A whiner. I respect his career and while I agree that the Nucks were classless in the Finals, he should be the last person to speak about it.

  10. Once Gill, Spacek,Markov and Kostistyn get back, Habs will be a better team for sure. In the meantime, the young guys have played pretty well and never discouraged when they make a mistake. It was a good move by replacing Pern with Ladouceur,he at least communicates with them.

  11. Bieksa said it best when he said Recchi needs to go take a nap. for Recchi to come out now and say what he did is completely unnecessary and classless.
    you only have to look at the history of suspensions in the finals to see a bias towards Boston, before Rome the longest suspension in the finals was ONE game to Pronger on Anaheim for his hit to the head of an opponent and it was his SECOND suspension for the same offense in the playoffs that year! when the suspension was given Murphy said it was the resulting injury that led to the length yet when Boychuk broke Raymond’s back (he’s still not playing and Horton hasn’t missed any significant time this year) there wasn’t even a penalty.
    the Bruins have picked up where they left off last year with their cheap play as Lucic concussed Sabres goalie Miller and their captain Chara sucker punched Hurricanes player Harrison when he was tied up with another Boston player, true to form the NHL declined to suspend either Bruins player. with what Boston players have gotten away with just in the last year you have to wonder if they have to actually kill someone on the ice to face discipline?

  12. Edmonton played well last night. It takes more than a goalie playing badly to lose 9-2. And Washington losing 7-1 against an injury-riddled Leafs team with a lot of inexperience in their lineup. If I’m a member of the Capitals today… I would certainly take a good hard look in the mirror.

    As for the Sens… they are in tough against the Canucks. They have not won in Vancouver since the 2003-04 season.. They also have never in team history swept the Cdn Western road trip… They have 2 wins… but that 3rd will be very hard to get. Will still be cheering hard and loud… hoping for a good compete level against the Canucks. Go Sens.

  13. In defense of Canuck fans I will say the’re better than Wings fans but that’s not really saying much.

  14. playoff riots would probably happen in any canadian city, especially if the team was in the finals. lets not forget andrew ference fingering the camera and didnt horton throw something at a fan, might have been a water bottle, cant remember exactly what happend.

  15. I live in nuck nation, the fans act like spoiled little children. It’s our turn this time blah blah blah. It’s your turn when you work for it!! It amazes me the sense of entitlement they have around here.

  16. habsolutely416, there’s absolutely no excuse for rioting over a sporting event or any other event for that matter. And for the record there was no riot or anything remotely close to one in Ottawa when they went to the final a few years ago. What happened after this years Stanley Cup wasn’t just a black eye for Vancouver but a black eye for all Canadians. It’s an interesting contrast on how the British judiciary dealt with the London rioters vs. how BC has(‘nt) dealt with theirs. Has anyone even been charged yet?

  17. I think everyone is sick of listening to the whiners whining about the Sedins, the Canucks, blah blah blah. I know Mark Recchi and even though he is a great guy, I have to admit that he was miffed when he didn’t get the chance to play with the Canucks several years back when he was in the revolving door with teams. Mark has the right to say what he wants but I have heard him say lots about Brett Hull and others before too, thats just Mark. You guys however, aren’t even qualified to talk about hockey on your best day, let alone whine about the Canucks or any team for that matter.
    When Romer knocked Horty into tomorrow, there was no end to the damn tragedy. Boston players play just as dirty as anyone in the league. Everyone give up yer crap talk and talk about something important.

  18. Ranzier the VPD are getting all the rioters and theyve charged i think 100 people so far check your stats before saying stuff

  19. What Recchi lacks in brains he makes up for in opinions.