Canadian Corner – Remembrance Day, 2011.

In today’s roundup of notable Canadian NHL team news: Daniel Alfredsson returns to the Senators lineup tonight…Leafs goalie James Reimer’s health improving…Jets forward Eric Fehr finally off LTIR…Flames Mikael Backlund returns to action tonight…Canucks powerplay powers them to victory over Kings…The Bruins defeat the Oilers…Josh Gorges with OT winner for Canadiens over Coyotes.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson will return to the lineup tonight against the Buffalo Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sens are a better team with Alfredsson in the lineup, so it’s good news for them that his concussion symptoms have cleared so quickly.

Reimer's status remains uncertain.

TORONTO SUN: James Reimer’s agent said the young goalie is making progress in his recovery from concussion-like symptom, expressing confidence the Leafs were handling his client’s recovery properly. The Leafs were taken aback by concerns from Reimer’s mother over her son’s recovery, which were interpreted to suggest the Leafs were trying to hide the seriousness of his condition.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps Reimer or his agent or the Leafs should’ve spared a thought to his family, as they appeared as much in the dark over his status as everyone else.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets have taken forward Eric Fehr off LTIR for a shoulder injury and has been cleared for contact.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be at least a couple of weeks until he’s ready for game play.

CALGARY SUN: Center Mikael Backlund will return to the Flames lineup tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks, having recovered from a broken finger.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges’ first goal of the season was a big one, as it was the OT winner for the Canadiens over the Phoenix Coyotes 3-2.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks got power-play goals from Sami Salo and Andrew Ebbett en route to a 3-2 victory over the LA Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks PP has been firing on all cylinders so far this season, ranking them second overall in that category.

EDMONTON SUN: The Boston Bruins continue to round back into championship form, defeating the Edmonton Oiler 6-3.


  1. The situation with Reimer and his family is ridiculous. Concussion-like symptoms? In what world does anyone believe this is anything but semantics intended to cover the real issue. Classless is only a joke, especially with the attention this issue has received in the last year.

  2. To answer your question Casey, I live in this world and absolutely believe the Leafs have correctly diagnosed Reimer’s injury as Whiplash and by his family and agent’s own admission, is receiving proper treatment.

    The fact is, there can be many symptoms in a whiplash injury. The following injury statistical averages are astounding and eye opening: 92% of whiplash injuries cause neck pain. 57% suffer headaches, 56% fatigue, 49% shoulder pain, 44% anxiety (yes, anxiety), 42% upper back pain, 39% low back pain, 39% sleep disturbance, 26% impaired concentration. These are many, but not all, symptoms of whiplash injuries. Coupled with the fact Reimer cleared his baseline concussion tests it would be inaccurate and irresponsible for the leafs to declare “concussion” simply to appease fans, media and family members.

    That being said, I would submit the only “Classless Joke” around these parts is the above poster Casey.

    good day sir…. I said good day

  3. Dear Fran,

    Tell the truth. Your name is really Ron Wilson, isn’t it?

    Having experienced a severe whiplash, I am aware of the consequent symptomatology. Funny thing is, when I had one I never told a soul I was being treated for concussion like symptoms. I am also aware of the kid’s concussion history, and of the public grief given to teammates who were under the impression this was another one. So if they are treating whiplash, why not just say that instead of concussion like symptoms. It’s like me having stomach flu and announcing I am being treated for bowel cancer like symptoms.

    You should relax a little… or before you know it you might be getting treated for heart attack like symptoms.

    Good day to you also, sir!