Canadiens Acquire Thomas Vanek.

The Montreal Canadiens have acquired Thomas Vanek and a conditional fifth-round pick from the New York Islanders for a conditional second-round pick and prospect Sebastien Collberg.

Thomas Vanek head to Montreal.

Thomas Vanek head to Montreal.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: A bold move for the Canadiens, one they hope will address their need for offense. The Canadiens are struggling to score and bringing in Vanek as a playoff rental should help them. He brings size and offensive talent, though he is known as a streaky scorer.

The Islanders, however, didn’t get the big return they hoped for Vanek. GM Garth Snow could be feeling the heat from ownership for his failed gamble with Vanek.


  1. Wow, what an abysmal failure by Garth Snow. You give up 2 high picks and a consistent 30 goal scorer for a guy to play 40 or 50 meaningless games, then you can’t sign him, and give him away for WAY less than it cost you to get him.

    I guess that’s what happens when your backup goalie suddenly becomes your GM. What a joke of a franchise they are.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you pal :)

  2. Garth now made on of the top 5 worst trades in Isles history with the first Vanek trade. Milbury had all 5 before this season.

    • I’d still put Milbury at the top of the “Worst Ever GM” list, not just for the Islanders, but for the entire league. Naturally he is employed now by NBC to tell us all how he invented the game.

  3. LOL the second rd pick snow recieves is a Conditional pick as well. LOL.

  4. GM Snow gambled and lost big time on Vanek. Islanders fans deserve better for all they’ve been through (and this from a Caps fan).

  5. According to Hockey Futures ratings/ranking Collberg was arguably a top 5 ranking prospect in the Habs organization, but certainly not the return you would want for Vanek. Its stunning other teams didn’t place better offers.

  6. Vanek is signing in Minnesota next year regardless of what happens. Everyone knows this. For this reason Snow wasn’t getting any good offers. It was a pure rental. Colberg has enormous potential but is too small for the Canadiens organization. It’s actually not a terrible deal for the Islanders, better than nothing since he’s a UFA next year.