Canadiens Claim Betts.

The Montreal Canadiens have claimed center Blair Betts off waivers from the Philadelphia Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Betts should be a good addition to the Habs checking lines, especially on the penalty kill. His $700K salary makes him an affordable fit.


  1. Good depth move. Nothing given up and still have some cap room. Drop the puck!!!!!!

  2. agreed. Very good pickup for Montreal

  3. The thing I am loving is the Philly fans who are sad to see him go. That tells me we will appreciate his presence on the team. This move means we won’t have to force some other guys to play centre who may perform better on the wing. Betts, Moen, Darche and White as 4th line options is really not a bad scene. Loving Gauthier’s last minute moves.

  4. Tough break for Betts

  5. This move also means that Pleks can have a breather every now and then from the PK. This, in theory, should make him a more productive offensive player. Noticing a lot of Flyers fans comments on TSN saying that they don’t like seeing him leave. It’s obviously cap reasons why they had to try to demote him, but it may be a blessing for Montreal. i’m so excited for the season to start, but I have to work afternoons tomorrow. Good thing someone invented the PVR lol. Also, lots of TSN analysts are predicting the Canadiens missing the playoffs… ouch, but then again, almost every major sports publication has said they wouldn’t make the playoffs over the last three years now so…. I guess they don’t know too much lol… Hopefully the Canadiens can have a relatively injury free season so that these guys can have productive years. To me, the Canadiens are a darn good team, when they play 60 mins. It’s when they take a period off here or there that they put themselves behind the 8-ball. If they can hammer out some of the consistency issues then theres no reason they can’t hit 96 points again, or more.

  6. Awesome pick up. Montreal was in need of a solid checking centre with size who can win face-offs. I think the Habs are a team the is greater than the sum of their parts so the playoffs are a serious possibility. I think the pundits are saying they miss them because there are a lot of tough teams in the East, so on paper, the Habs are out of the playoffs. Of course, that all means nothing until the games are played, so to echo the above drop the puck.

    Innovator: What do you mean? He will get a great welcome here in Habland…no place like it when you play a solid game.

  7. Great welcome or not, he’s still gotta play for the Habs 😛 I am just playing though. He will do well for them and I’m glad he’s getting to stay up in the NHL

  8. loved this guy when he was on the rangers. feel like he never really got a chance to play to his maximum offensive potential, but he’s so great in so many other areas that it really doesn’t matter.