Canadiens fire Gauthier.

"The Grey Ghost" is gone.

Various sources out of Montreal confirm the Canadiens have called a press conference for 11 am ET to announce the firing of general manager Pierre Gauthier. No word if a replacement will be announced at that time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once again the Canadiens surprise with their timing, as it was expected they’d wait until season’s end before handing Gauthier his walking papers. After this horrible season, in which Gauthier made a panic acquisition of Tomas Kaberle to replace the injured Andrei Markov, yanked Mike Cammalleri from the midst of an important mid-season game against the Bruins to trade him to Calgary, fired first an assistant coach and then head coach Jacques Martin, then poorly handled the media firestorm over interim coach Randy Cunneyworth’s lack of bilingual skills, it was inevitable “The Grey Ghost” would be axed. So, who will be his replacement? Julien Brisebois? Pierre McGuire? Patrick Roy? Serge Savard? The ghosts of Sam Pollock and Frank Selke? Your guess is as good as owner Geoff Molson’s. Hopefully, they won’t wait too long to name a suitable replacement.


  1. I know who I would love to see … and I know it is from the list you have … and I know it would be FAR from the popular choice!

  2. Saint Patrick? Yes please!

  3. Julien Brisbois? Assistant to SY in TBay and Gm of the (21 straight wins) Norfolk Admirals. Perhaps they’ll ask the Lightning for permission to talk to Boucher. Then the Ligtning could bring up Cooper seeing as John doesn’t speak french, Montreal wouldn’t want him.

  4. Hopefully Gainey can also leave the organization (don’t let the door hit you on th eway out) so the Habs can get some fresh blood and deliver a fun, exciting and quality product on the ice.

    Great 5 year plan Gainey. That Gomer deal was the culmination of your great work?

  5. Finally!
    Bye Bye Gauthier … anyone is better than you!
    Hopefully the next GM is honest, hardworking, intelligent and mostly less parochial, because what is even more interesting … speak French or manage a team well?

  6. This is a team in a lot of trouble….

    I really think they should look at Claude Loiselle.
    You need a guy who is going to be able to handle all of these bad contracts and older players… a problem that will amplify with a new CBA and declining cap.

    St. Patrick wouldbe a great feel-good story, but I’m not sure that he is the best guy for the job.

  7. “Pierre McGuire?”

    LOL, I’d love to see that. Not because I hate Montreal, but I’d love for the bald idiot to run a team into the ground so we don’t need to hear his whiny condescending voice and constant praise for specific NHL players anymore.

  8. @ Dark Phoenix, Air high five coming your way.

  9. Honestly if the Molson family is going after the best French/Bi-lingual GM they can find…they’re in trouble. They should go after the best GM availible period! Why is language such a big frikin deal? If roles were reversed and my team hired a very good French speaking GM I wouldn’t give a rats ass, as long as he delivered a winner. If he happened to take English classes to try and relate to the fan base, I would look at that as a bonus…not a requirement.

  10. Durt, as a (very pained) Habs fan, I’m totally with you. I think most of us are. The Habs are a business and a sports team, not a cultural dumping ground. If the best GM is Chinese and speaks *neither* language, hire them. Who cares about language, so long as they can do the job?!

    The key is to put a good product on the ice, not gerrymander to people who care more about political discussion than they do about the game & team itself.

    Unfortunately, we all know it’s not going to shake out that way…

  11. Quite frankly if the Habs owners insist on only hiring french speaking management, regardless of experience, they get what they deserve, especially since all the other choices they have made recently make them experts. Stick to making beer or quit drinking it when running the team.

  12. As you mention Spector, the timing is surprising. I think Molson owed it to the fans, to show that he wanted a better team in place for next year. To have a better team on the ice, you have to have an even better team off ice choosing it.

    I had mentionned some weeks ago that Serge Savard had been seen in the Canadiens surroundings.

    I think the timing came on the heels of a ”possible” move of an NHL franchise to Quebec city.

    I think, that Savard already has candidates in view for the job. one of them is obvisious, but getting him to take the job is an another thing. Jacques Lemaire. The duo would be a natural, as they won cups as teammates and later as executives. They are well respected by the Canadiens fan base.

    Yes, if ever, Lemaire did take the job, Patrick Roy would be all ears, as he has the upmost respect for Savard and Lemaire.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.