Canadiens Re-sign Emelin.

The Montreal Canadiens announced the re-signing of defenseman Alexei Emelin to a four-year, $16.4 million contract extension.

Habs re-sign Alexei Emelin to a 4-year extension.

Habs re-sign Alexei Emelin to a 4-year extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Emelin, 27, is in the final year of his current deal and was slated for unrestricted free agency next summer. His new deal is worth an average cap hit of $4.1 million, over double the $2 million per season of his current deal. He’s presently on injured reserve recovering from knee surgery.

While the Canadiens like his mobile physical style, they’re taking a gamble investing that much for that long without first evaluating his recovery from his knee injury over the remainder of this season. For their sake and Emelin’s, hopefully he makes a full recovery.


  1. If this deal was a cap hit of 3.9mil, no one would say he’s overpaid.

  2. They made the mistake with Gorges. They signed him to a 1 year deal to evaluate his knee, then resigned him during the season for much more.

    Happy to have Em under contract, he was a beast last year. Hopefully he’ll be healthy soon.

  3. How do you know whether they have evaluated his recovery… I would think that would be part of the process