Canadiens Re-sign Markov.

The Montreal Canadiens have re-signed defensemen Andrei Markov to a three-year, $17.25 million contract. Markov was slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. 

Canadiens re-sign Andrei Markov to 3-year deal.

Canadiens re-sign Andrei Markov to 3-year deal.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Chris Johnson points out Markov’s contract is a “35-and-over” deal, meaning if the 35-year-old Markov retires before his contract expires, the Canadiens remain on the hook for the full deal. It remains $5. 75 million per season, the same deal he had on his previous deal.

Markov had his most productive season in five years, reaching 43 points while playing 81 games this season. While he had 10 points in 17 playoff games, his performance tailed off sharply as the postseason progressed. The Habs could regret the final year of the deal, but if the cap steadily increases, they could afford to carry that $5.75 million hit for that year.

This signing won’t in any way adversely affect the Canadiens efforts to re-sign P.K. Subban, as it leaves them with $19 million in cap space


  1. wow, talk about over paying someone. They should’ve let him walk if he was wanting that kind of money. this is good if you root for a team that plays the Canadiens a lot. Another year of expsosing his bad knees and defensive liabilities.

    • If he hit UFA, he would have gotten something similar to what Mark Streit got and that would have been for 4 years!!!

      Here is hoping that the Habs trade him after next year.