Canadiens Re-sign Subban to Eight-Year Deal.

Only one day after an arbitration hearing, the Montreal Canadiens announced defenseman P.K. Subban has signed an eight-year, $72 million contract. 

P.K. Subban scores a lucrative eight-year deal from the Canadiens.

P.K. Subban scores a lucrative eight-year deal from the Canadiens.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for the “dangerous game” I believed the Canadiens were playing with Subban.  Following yesterday’s hearing it was widely assumed negotiations between the two sides had broken off and they would allow an arbiter to determine Subban’s salary for next season. Evidently, that wasn’t the case, as the two sides had until the arbiter handed down a decision on Sunday to continue negotiations.

Subban’s new deal is worth $9 million per season, though it remains to be seen if that’s a straight $9 million per season or if the deal is front-loaded in accordance with the CBA’s variance rules. Still awaiting word if it also comes with a no-trade or no-movement clause. If it’s a straight $9 million per season, that annual salary makes him the third-highest paid defenseman in terms of actual salary this season, while his cap hit is the highest for NHL blueliners.  

Quite frankly, the Canadiens had no choice. Subban is the most exciting player to don a Habs jersey since Guy Lafleur. He’s also their best defenseman and, along with Carey Price, their  biggest star. They couldn’t risk creating a situation where they would be forced to trade him or risk losing him for nothing in 2016 to free agency.

Subban’s critics will argue he’s not worth that salary. I disagree. Subban is among the NHL’s brightest stars. His $9 million annually now is considerably less than the $12 million annually he would’ve commanded on the open market in two years time, especially with the salary cap expected to significantly increase by 2016. By retaining one of their biggest stars, the Canadiens have signaled to their fans and the league that they’re serious about building a winner.

The move comes with salary cap consequences, as the Habs now have over $58 million invested in 15 players for 2015-16, with Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher eligible for restricted free agent status. However, with the cap expected to reach $74 million for 2015-16 and Galchenyuk and Gallagher coming off entry-level deals, the Canadiens shouldn’t have much difficulty re-signing those players and filling out the rest of their roster. 


  1. Contract breakdown is 2014-15 $7M, 15-16 $7M, 16-17 $11M, 17-18 $11M, 18-19 $10M, 19-20 $10M, 20-21 $8M, 21-22 $8M

    • want to add the NTC and NMC do not kick in untill 2 years later as those are rfa years.
      I wonder what it says about the first 2 years being only 7 million, perhaps the habs plan to keep him for 2 years and then trade him before his NTC kicks in. After that the salary rises significantly.

  2. Agreed going down the road a good deal for both, but Bergevin kind of looks like a wealthy politician whos wife threatened him with divorce. Next day a quick phone call “honey you were right Im sorry…” and give her what ever she wants.

    • Agreed, but then again when you look at the Habs payroll you can’t blame him for trying to save a bit of cash.

  3. So happy Subban is locked up long term. About .750k more than I thought it would be but our team is dangerous with him and would be brutal if he wasn’t.

    Looks like Pk broke a few fans hearts, those who don’t root for the Canadiens I mean. 😉

  4. Wouldn’t want PK on my team anyways. Does he put up the points? Yes. Can he play defense? Not really.

    • And you’d be wrong in that assessment, Jason. His puck possession numbers and blocked shots say otherwise.

    • The ‘Subban can’t play D’ argument only holds up if you never watch Subban play and you are discussing it with other people who never watch him play. He is a fantastic defender.

      • I have watched him play a lot and I don’t see this great defender you speak of. He had 10 goals and 43 assists last year, however he was a -4, what is the point in getting goals if you let in more goals, sort of defeats the purpose of being a defensemen, specially when you are on a team that is good and winning. Unlike good dmen on poor teams always losing, then I can see having a – at the end of the season. His salary is comparable to players like Kane and Toews and they are proven winners who will most likely win a couple more cups before all is said and done. Subban hasn’t done enough to be paid 9 mill a year. I just don’t see him leading the Habs to any championships. I certainly do not see where on the open market he would be worth 12 million…. (that from the article)

        • Haters gonna hate. I watch every Habs game and he is by far the best player on the ice. Sorry, Price is the Habs best but he’s a goalie and I’m talking just F/D. Subban is elite.

  5. Glad he signed! Great player, passionate about the game and who shows up every single game. Yes he makes mistakes, but who doesn’t? Heck, I’ve seen Doughty make some in the finals this year! Subban is hardly replaceable in the lineup. A tad costly today, but who says in 8 years? Now the team can revert back to hockey, and that is great news: no mediatic circus for next season.

  6. The Habs overpaid for Subban. Plain and simple. Weber’s $7.5 million is a reasonable comp to what they should be paying PK. Why did this drag out all summer and even go to arbitration if this is what they were going to sign him to? Makes no sense.

    • Webers deal is a back diving circumventing deal that was signed under a totally different set of circumstances (offer sheeted different cap different cba rules etc) you cant compare an 8 year deal to one that drags on forever that player gets paid 14 mill for the first 4 years then 13 mill 12 mill with a couple years of 1 mill tacked on the end to lower the hit.

      • It could easily said Weber (never won a Norris) is not twice the player Subban (did win a Norris) is and he gets paid 14 mill this year and PK gets paid 7.

  7. Sure he had 10 goals and 43 assists last year, however he was a -4, what is the point in getting goals if you let in more goals? It sort of defeats the purpose of being a defensemen. (yes pp but he had only 4) I have seen the argument, you have to see him play to see he is good on defense. Well I have watched him play a lot and no he is NOT good on defense. Look at similar salaries like Kane and Toews. They are proven winners who will most likely win a couple more cups before all is said and done. PK hasn’t done enough yet to earn a payout of 9 mill a year. I just don’t see him leading the Habs to any championships.

    • Let the hate flow through you Sabrina.


    Sports salaries are all Monopoly money nowadays anyway, so why not? PK is a very, very good player, and – as Lyle rightfully points out – would get somewhere in the neighborhood of $12MM on the open market in a year or two.


  9. All these people commenting and comparing salaries from a few years ago is irrelevant. .. (weber….). Cap is higher, subban is younger and Quebec taxes are about 15 percent higher. Overpay….today yes….in three years …

    • Bingo. Weber would be signed for 10 mill if he was up this summer. No more cap circumventing deals allowed means that you have to pay market value for elite players based on revenue/production/comparables. Doesn’t ever make 14 mill this season? Subbans making 7 this season. Everyone chill out. He’s awesome and worth it.