Canadiens Re-sign Subban.

The Montreal Canadiens have finally re-signed defenseman P.K. Subban to a two-year, $5.75 million contract.

Canadiens re-sign Subban to 2-year deal.

Canadiens re-sign Subban to 2-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Subban’s new contract will be worth an average cap hit of $2.875 million, but he’ll receive $2 million for this season and $3.75 million for 2013-14. As per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Habs wouldn’t budge off of two years, but agreed to increase the second year of his deal, which works better for his qualifying offer. Subban probably could’ve received more money elsewhere if he pushed for a trade or awaited an offer sheet, but ultimately he had little leverage, and according to some reports, he really wants to remain with the Canadiens.

It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any lingering bitterness over this when Subban is due to be re-signed in 2014. Rest assured, if he continues to develop as anticipated, the Canadiens will have to re-sign him to a more lucrative, longer-term deal, as he’ll also have arbitration rights by then. At least the Canadiens management gets Subban for an affordable cap hit next season, when the salary cap will decline to $64.3 million.


  1. i really think this will come back to bite us….he will take more cap space in 2 years then he would have if we signed him now for 6 years

    • he still has to prove himself to earn that type of money

  2. I’m glad I was wrong about this contract. So are the rest of the owners in the NHL. Some guys can skip the bridge contracts (like Stamkos) and some guys, especially defensemen, should adhere to them. In two years, depending on revenue, the cap should go back up anyway, so don’t think it’ll bite you.

    I don’t think PK will put up spectacular numbers and will be a 5m/y d-man in the end.

  3. I am so happy that PK is staying with the Habs. I had honestly accepted that a trade was going to happen. Now our second PP unit will be just as deadly as the first, from the point. Plus, they can toss Kaberle somewhere for a bag of pucks or sit him out. The Habs remove the non physical, kinda slower, tiny sticked Kaberle and replace him with very physical, great speed, big shooting Subban. This signing was a massive upgrade and if they habs keep to Therriens system then they may have been very very underrated. I love how Markov looks just like he used to, just a bit slower lol