Canadiens Ship Cole to Stars for Ryder.

The Montreal Canadiens have dealt right wing Erik Cole to the Dallas Stars in exchange for Michael Ryder and a third round pick. Analysis to follow

Michael Ryder returns to the Canadiens.

Michael Ryder returns to the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hey, kids, it’s an honest-to-goodness hockey trade!  Cole had been struggling this season, even apologizing to his teammates for his poor play. Of late he seemed to have good chemistry with Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk, but the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reported Sunday the Canadiens would like to shed his $4.5 million per season salary. Ryder’s had a strong start this season with the Stars, with 14 points in 19 games, but is slated to become a UFA this summer, and there was talk the Stars could move him. Looks like the Habs shed salary for a more affordable offensive upgrade, while the Stars get a proven player in return.



  1. I would rather have Ryder in a sec, over Cole

  2. Cole definitely looked like he lost a step this year. 6 points in 19 games getting good minutes. Not sure if the lockout soured him or what, but he didn’t look 100% into it. That being said I’ve read he’s a good looker room guy, so I hope that doesn’t hurt the team.

    On the flip side, I think I would have taken Ryder and his 14 points in 19 (with a +4) rating straight up, the 3rd rounder is candy. While Ryder isn’t as tough to play against as Cole, he’s got more sniper in him, and I think that’s what the Habs need right now. He does well, we maybe extend him, otherwise couple him gone with a Kaberle buyout, and we’ve got some nice cap space next year.

    Good job MB!

  3. I can only assume in here somewhere that the Habs are still eating $1 or $2 million in salary or else this deal is just mind boggling to me. At the same time if I am not mistaken it would make sense, is Bob Gainey not the adviser in Dallas? If so, was he not the person who traded Mike Riberio and let Ryder walk when they were Habs the first time, as well as assisted in signing Eric Cole?

    History doomed to repeat itself?

  4. I’m not going to lie, I really liked Cole. I was crazy disappointed in his start, but the team was winning so… So my initial reaction was “why?!?” But, this makes sense for the cap, right handed shooter, and it seems that Cole had some stuff going on with his family he needed to make work. As a hockey trade this works for the Canadiens and they get a third rdr. They get a goal scorer, Cap space this year and next, 3rd rdr to make it 6 picks in the first 3 rounds of next years draft. That’s a lot of options heading forward for a GM. I just hope it doesn’t disrupt the locker room too much. Ryder should be a good soldier who just has to skate and shoot the puck hard from Pleks or Galchenyuk. I wonder if this sets up some bigger plan to land a impact player? Maybe wishful thinking…. Like wishing that kaberle was the one they could have traded.

  5. I think Montreal is the winner on this trade anyway you look at it.
    Better player in Ryder. Salary relief next year. Third rounder.
    Not sure what Dallas is thinking here.
    Could’ve saved their cap space for a good ufa next year.
    I’m a bruins fan and was really hoping to get Ryder for the playoffs.

    • //Could’ve saved their cap space for a good ufa next year.//

      Like who? While I’m not a fan of this trade (I wanted a defensive prospect for Ryder), I’d like to see what a fan of another team thinks the Stars- a team that could potentially miss another of playoffs, making it the 5th year- could have possibly acquired as a UFA. Perry? Getzlaf? Semin? Iginla? Elias? Horton? Clowe? Why would they want to come to Dallas?

      BTW, we have $20M in cap-space with 17 players signed. Morrow and Jagr are likely gone, and we may keep Roy.

      • Many free agents will be available with the cap going down.
        Just on Boston could grab Horton or Ference.
        Could resign Ryder. Many possibilities could go on and on.
        But you got Cole. Don’t need aging players like iginla.

  6. I can’t believe Dallas got suckered into that contract.

    Ryder I have rated 78 from last year, 79 Offense, 77 Defense (first line winger with excellent two way game)
    Cole I have rated 76 from last year, 77 Offense, 73 Defense (first line winger with good two way game)

    Cole’s stats are inconsistent… sure he’s 76 last year… but I could do this again next year and he’ll only be a 70 (fringe 2nd/3rd liner) because he was bolstered by playing with Desharnais and Pacioretty. And Dallas will have to pay him another 13 million (with whatever’s cut off from games played this year and the shortened season) to realize that they’re getting a “hit and miss” winger.

    Montreal was both able to weasel an expiring contract (good chance of re-signing), and a 3rd rounder from the deal. My dad is happy; Ryder’s his favourite player and he’s a habs fan.

    It’s not horrible for Dallas… Cole will give them, most likely, a better power play and make more space for their first or second line, despite losing reliable Ryder. Cole plays decent with good players.

    And come playoff time, if the Habs are still playoff-bound, if Montreal doesn’t improve their size, they’re going to remember why they got Cole in the first place.

    • I know they got Prust and he was a great pickup for them, but they might need more than that come the playoffs.

  7. I think Cole is the better player in the deal. He always starts slow and this year it has been confounded by linemates also caught in funks (and Desharnais was annointed as a #1 center too quickly, I really would have liked to see a Cole-Ellar-Pach line given a chance). Plus Cole seems to play good one year bad the next and last year was his good year. :(

    Ryder can score but doesn’t play 5v5 hockey with any of Cole’s gusto. The trade makes sense for both clubs in short and long term (contracts vs production, next year’s cap issues in Montreal), but I hate to see a guy i like leaving. He’s a character guy and a star. Ryder will replace his points and then disappear next year I guess. They had better not throw money at Desharnais, though.

    Dallas got the better player in this deal, assuming Cole turns it around. Everyone is too quick to say he is old, he’ll light it up again.

  8. Ryder vs Cole is good deal for the Habs, they saved money, gained flexibility for next year but get a pure goal scorer. For Cole, it’s unfortunate, but he’s aging and will become useless before the end of he’s four year deal.

    I’m sure that Bergevin isn’t done with trades. Next will be Kaberle or Moen for more effective depth on 4th line and D.

  9. We will miss Coles physical presence especially with Bourque out who was throwing his weight around this year. But nobody has mentioned Cole talking about retiring after the new CBA. Was announced. Did MB know something the rest of us don’t? Maybe MB was not going to take the chance especially with the deal he got.