Canadiens Ship Diaz to Canucks.

The Montreal Canadiens have traded defenseman Raphael Diaz to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for center Dale Weise.

Raphael Diaz dealt to the Canucks.

Raphael Diaz dealt to the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  It’s the first trade of what could be a busy week leading up to Friday’s 3 PM ET Olympic roster freeze.

This one sees two teams swapping players who were in and out of their respective lineups throughout this season. Diaz is a skilled puck-moving defenseman earning $1.225 million this season who’s also eligible for UFA status next summer, so he could provide a bit of a boost to Vancouver’s struggling offensive game.

Weise is a physical checking line center who could provide some needed grit to the Habs. He’s also an RFA this summer earning $750K so he’s be an affordable re-signing for the Habs if they wish to qualify his rights.


  1. Are Perros Prust Moen Bourque all hurt or is MB kissing up to Gillis for an assistant gm job when he gets caned from the Habs? This is a terrible deal.

    • As a Habs fan, I totally agree. Beaulieu’s play, combined with Diaz’s UFA status, meant he was going to be traded.

      But Diaz is a point-scoring, shot-blocking defenceman with talent and a good attitude. And we trade him for a #13 forward? Sacre bleu, that’s an awful trade.

  2. Could this be a setup trade to move Edler?

    And Habs fans not too familiar with Weise (who is a RW, btw, not a C), he is a decent player. Plays bigger than his 6’2 210 frame would suggest, plus he’s deceptively fast.

    Has better stats this year than Rene Bourque, too – if you’re checking.

    • Now, now, Chris, don’t be trying to inject facts into the bashing of this trade. 😉

      • I can understand fans outside of Vancouver having no perspective on him – and granted, he does play 4th line minutes.

        But he is usually noticeable out there when he plays.

        He’ll line up nicely alongside Ryan White – even though there is a bit of a 4th line logjam in MTL with Prust, Moen, and Parros. I guarantee he has better speed than those other wingers, though.

        As a Canucks fan, I must say I’m happy with the deal – and really have a feeling this is setting up an Edler deal for a top-6 forward.

        • Fact is statistically Diaz was the habs fourth best Dman and he was traded for a fourth liner. In what light can that be seen as a good trade?

          • Diaz has not played like a fourth Dman lately. Heck, he has not played. Basically, everyone complains about the Habs lack of size. The market for Ds is not what it used to be. Until Weise lines up, we should not poopoo the trade.

          • Diaz was benched so they could play Murray(out scored something like 25-5 with Murray on the ice, by the way) because… he hits… I guess? Trading a player after you devalue him(benching for three weeks) makes no sense. What do the Habs do when Markov or Subban goes down to injury? Defensive depth helps win championships having a lot of fourth liners doesn’t.

  3. diaz hasnt played in a while,it was to be expected.but for wiese,we could have gotten him for a 4th round pick.diaz is the better player here.drewiske is coming back so i guess he was expendable,with beaulieu proving himself.i say the next to go is bourque,who has been playing good hockey,he just cant produce.a change of scenery will be the best for him,and the canadiens orginization.

  4. i always like Diaz , i think this is a great deal for Vancouver however they just got less tougher. MTL on the other had just picked up a player that they already, makes no sense imo.

    • they already have*

  5. My bashing of this trade (as a Habs fan), is that the Habs did not really address any need. Yes, they got tougher – in theory. But only if Weise can get in the lineup. And who would he be replacing? Moen, White, Parros. All guys that are equally tough, so it’s a net sum zero. Makes little sense.

    Plus, I think the Habs could have gotten a better return, regardless. Weise + a pick, at least. Like when Halak got traded – it wasn’t that trading Halak was the wrong move, it was just that they didn’t get enough in return. That’s not hindsight, BTW; that was the consensus at the time, too.

    (Side note: I’m a west coaster and so see lots of Canucks games. I like Weise. And he’s not worth Diaz, IMO.)

    • Well said! I’m worried Eller will be the next to go.