Canadiens sign Campoli.

Various sources this evening report the Montreal Canadiens have signed defenseman Chris Campoli to a one-year, $1.75 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My thanks to everyone who sent this in. This signing naturally raises questions about the status of Andrei Markov’s surgically reconstructed knee, as he’s yet to perform in the preseason. This move likely means Markov will miss the start of the season, and perhaps several weeks beyond it.  A good move by GM Pierre Gauthier, however, as Campoli has decent offensive skills, and was reportedly being courted by the NY Rangers.


  1. Commenting from the island (PEI) lol, I think this is a good move. I see Campoli being in the mix for position in the 4,5,6 spot in the Defensive ranks for Montreal. He was a good player when I was watching him in Ottawa. He can play the QB for the PP. Good signing by Montreal considering he was sign for below his arbitration award of 2.5 Million. In addition, he shouldn’t have off ice distractions this year with his former love affair Gia from the Bachelor.

  2. Hard to argue getting decent depth when it doesn’t cost you prospects or picks. I just pray this is more a move as management feels some of our D (Weber/Yemelin) aren’t going to cut it, rather then Markov being out for a while.

  3. Gauthier said that this signing was a depth move and it has nothing to do with the Markov rehab. He said Markov is progressing very well, actually.

  4. Honestly what else is PG going to say should Markov be out long. I hope he’s not.. but no pre-season games at all and PK only playing 1 of the 5 games does make one wonder..

  5. Brilliant move in my opinion. Not only does he steal away a player that is being looked at by a conference rival, but he gets some solid depth and a bit of insurance if Markov is to either have a setback or re-injure his knee at some point this season. He also signs Campoli on the cheap as well (Figured he’d be looking for just over $2 million) at a very cap friendly number. He’ll have more to work with than in Ottawa so his numbers should take a slight uptick assuming he gets regular PP time.

  6. Amused that people find this move so shocking. The preseason was the opportunity for some of the young guns to shine and no one did. Weber’s deal is one way and in effect, so is Yemelin’s. Even these guys did not blow minds, so how many developers can one roster handle on D. Markov’s delay only firmed it up.