Canadiens Sign Cole.

The Montreal Canadiens have signed winger Erik Cole to a four-year, $4.5 million per season deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m leery of the years of this deal (three would’ve been better) and Cole does have an injury history, but they did need a physical forward with scoring ability. Hopefully he can mesh well with Tomas Plekanec, or rejuvenate Scott Gomez.  The Habs needed to get bigger up front, and if they’d passed on Cole, they would’ve been criticized big time.


  1. About 750k a year too much but hey. 6’2″ 210 pds 26 goals 22 even strength goals. I like him tho. Hes got a mean streak. They needed size up front now and he’s a good fit. Now let’s get gagne and Konopka and I’ll be very satisfied.

  2. I agree with you Smielman, Cole provide the size we need on our first 2 line. Konopka will be a great addition to our 4th line, about Gagne, not sure, on our 3rd line with Eller and AK46? Not sure. I wanted the Habs to sign Talbot, but that didn’t happen. For dept, I think we can use Shane O’Brien on Defense, that will add grit to our defense

  3. I figure Gauthier has three more signings to do, Gorges, White, and a UFA center. Would love konopka but he is not a Martin palyer…too much fighting. I would have said Belanger but he is gone, as is Talbot. Maybe Konopka is the only option left. I’m still holding out hope they trade Spacek and Gomez and sign Richards but I think a snowball has more chance in Hell.

  4. You didn’t want Jagr at more than 2M for one season but you get this guy who’s never been able to play outside Carolina, and he’s about 2M/Y overpaid. 😀 Enjoy. Still not as bad as NJ signing Andy Greene I guess.

  5. A year too long and a tad too much but that is what always happens July 1 and especially to Montreal.

    I also would like to see Konopka on the 4th line as he can actually skate and win faceoffs. It’s his knuckles that Martin will dislike. Still, he is precisely what the Habs need on the bottom 6.

    Sign Gorges and I would also like to see a depth move like signing Langenbrunner.

    One can always dream of Richards but we all know Gomez is not going anywhere, not this year anyway. Tim Connolly is oft injured but will probably go to someone that missed out on Richards.

    Perhaps Gauthier can find a trade partner and unload Spacek and possibly Kostitsyn. Edmonton still needs defense.

  6. MJR–
    Well Cole is younger, more physical, and has a desire to win now. Jagr is a gamble where as Cole is established. I was just hoping for a larger winger who could get 60 pts and here’s hoping it’s Cole. I didn’t know he was a Canadiens fan growing up so that should work for work ethic. Quality signing, I just honestly didn’t think he was leaving Carolina. Do you think the Flyers overpaid for Jagrs services? I do. But everyone got overpaid today (just like every July 1st). As much as I love the Wiz, 6.5 would have been too much considering they have to sign PK and Price next year. Who did the Leafs get? ;).

  7. 3.3M was the high bid, but Jagr was the wrong player for the Flyers. If Jagr doesn’t pot the points for them, well then Jagr doubts will say that they were right all the time and their ends would have justified their means… I don’t see Jagr having that much chemistry with the Flyer line-up.

    I have a hard time calling this a quality signing, as 4 years is too long and 4.5 is way overpaid for this guy. I remember the Cole of Edmonton, even though his year or two there were forgettable. I wouldn’t have paid him more than 3 years, and more than 3M.

    It was the right move by Gauthier to pick up a barreller (puck moving forward with size), but to me it doesn’t look like the barreller they’ve been looking for.

  8. Mtl always have to overpay foir players, and it is not because no one wants to come to Mtl. It is Quebec. The taxes here are higher so players get deals that take that into account. Cole at 4.5 per is actually an offer closer to 3.5 in terms of actual offer in take home cash. Still sucks, but you will always see that in this province especially if Quebec city ever gets a team.
    I would not be surprised if by the end of summer no other D has been signed by MTL if we see Picard back. he did ok as depth on D last year and is young enough that he might still grow a little into a serviceable #7/6 D-man.