Canucks Acquire Booth & Reinprecht from Panthers.

Dealt to Canucks in 4-player swap.

Various sources tonight report the Vancouver Canucks have acquired left wing David Booth and center/LW Steven Reinprecht, plus a third round pick in 2013, from the Florida Panthers in exchange for forward Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A surprising move here by the Panthers, as Booth was thought to be a key part of their offense, but with only one point in his first six games, it appears GM Dale Tallon had soured on Booth, who has three more seasons after this one at $4.25 million per, a contract Tallon inherited when he took over as GM of the Panthers over a year ago.

It’s understandable why he would want to ditch Booth’s contract,as well as Reinprecht, who is in the final year of his deal worth a cap hit of $2.050 million, and had no spot on the Panthers lineup. What’s puzzling is why Tallon would take back a banged up Marco Sturm, who appears on his last legs as an NHL player, and a 34-year-old Mikael Samuelsson, who is still feeling the after-effects of off-season sports hernia/adductor surgery. The only benefit I can see for the Panthers is Sturm and Samuelsson are UFAs at season’s end.

If Booth should regain his scoring form with the Canucks, he’ll provide much-needed offensive depth on their second line. Reinprecht is probably headed to the Canucks farm team, but could be a worthwhile depth player to have in their system if injuries arise later in the season.


  1. Good upgrade for the Canucks.

  2. Great deal for the Canucks. If Booth can return to his 60 point form (and he’ll have every opportunity on the Kesler line and likely the 2nd PP unit) the Canucks may have found their 2nd line missing link – and all without trading Schneider. Kudos MG.

    Apart from a salary dump it’s tough to see the Panthers’ angle on this. Personally I think many of the players brought in over the summer via egregious salaries (Upshall, Bergenheim) would be more productively “dumped”. Perhaps Tallon knows something about Booth the Canucks don’t.

    And where does this leave Raymond with Higgins and Booth presumably securing that LW slot?

  3. This is such a heads-cratching move by the Panthers. If you want to dump some salary, why go and spend crazy money on guys Jovocop, when you could have got him for half the price. And even then, why take back fragile players who are never healthy, instead of some prospects. That way you still save the money, and get some young guys who could grow into decent players. Looks like just when you think the Panthers are going to take a step forward, they take two steps back.

  4. The second line is a mystery. Where does Hodgson sit after this? He hardly played the Minnie game, and neither did Manny. Why not put Hodgson on with the sedins for a finesse line, Burrows on with Kessler and Booth?

  5. This opens up money for Tallon for next season, while still allowing him to fill his roster this season. Apparently Tallon was never sold on Booth anyway. While he likely could have gotten more for both I think the bonus was getting rid of Reinprecht’s $2Million AHL pay.

  6. Booth – Kesler – Hodgson……what’s the mystery?

  7. GMMG makes another trade with the Florida Panthers and doesn’t have to give up Schneider to get a top six forward. It looks like MayRay will be the odd man out when back and healthy. Thought it was funny tho in the after trade interviews MG saying he wanted to make the team younger… he’s the one who signed Sturm and Samuelsson. (very) Early indicators were the Sturm signing was a mistake. So I guess he cleaned up his own mess. Besides the fact of having Samuelsson in my pool, I’d like to see him do well- he was a good contributor to the Canucks. I don’t think the Canucks should touch the Sedin line, why mess with something that works and have two lines not clicking when the Sedin’s are doing fine with Burrows.

  8. Samuelsson was 31 or 32 when he originally signed with the Canucks and he had a 30 goal season. I liked his ability to hit the net from almost anywhere with a deceptively strong wrist shot. Best of luck to him. Sturm was indeed a bust. As for the speculation about what happens to Hodgson, Gillis said in that press conference that the RW spot on Kesler’s line is up for grabs and mentioned two names: Hodgson and Higgins. If Higgins wins that spot (and I suspect he will) Cody will have to be content to play on the third with Hansen and Malhotra. An injury to the top six would give him another opportunity. As for the Panthers, I don’t see the benefit to them either. I agree, it looks like Tallon soured on Booth but the Gillis doesn’t strike me as the type to not do his homework first. I’m sure Kesler was one of a few consulted.

  9. For a hockey club that needs vets, Samuelsson & Strum are not bad pickups. Should the Panthers have tried and got more bang for their buck? I think Samuelson and a 1st rounder would have been fair, seeing as the Canucks are likely to have a late first rounder. Strum like Reinprecht doesn’t have much left to offer.