Canucks Re-sign Sedins.

The Vancouver Canucks have announced the re-signing of Daniel and Henrik Sedin to identical four-year, $28 million contracts.

Sedins ink identical 4-year deals with Canucks.

Sedins ink identical 4-year deals with Canucks.

Spector’s note: Scratch two more notable players from next summer’s UFA market. This new deal (worth an average cap hit of $7 million per season) is a raise for each above their current $6.1 million per, but over a shorter term, taking the Twins up to age 37.

Some may question the logic in investing so much in the Sedins at this stage in their careers, but given they’re still playing at an elite level, and the Canucks are nothing without them, GM Mike Gillis had little choice. At least they genuinely want to finish their careers with the Canucks, rather than bolt for potentially greener pastures elsewhere.

Better to stick with the players you know and trust (especially when there’s no one in your system who can replace them next season) than lose them for nothing and be unable to adequately replace them via free agency.  


  1. Having lived out here in Canucks country for a decade, I have always been astonished by the many, many negative comments about the Sedins by die-hard Vancouver fans. It boggles the mind. They are terrific hockey players and first-class human beings. Canucks fans should be celebrating today – they are lucky to have the twins for four more years.

  2. Excellent signing!

  3. You can’t go wrong at $6 mill a year for 4 years …Gillis must have promised them a steak dinner HP sauce and dancing girls as the signing bonus….how did he do this !!
    Have to hand it to Sedins for taking a hair cut on this one to stay in Vancouver !!

    • Ya but it wasn’t 6 mil, it was 7 mil…