Canucks Ship Cody Hodgson to Sabres.

Hodgson shufflin' off to Buffalo.

TSN’s reports the Vancouver Canucks have dealt rookie center Cody Hodgson to the Buffalo Sabres as part of a larger deal between the two teams. Sabres promising power winger Zack Kassian is headed to Vancouver as part of the deal.  More to follow…

Defenseman Marc-André Gragnani is also believed heading to the Canucks, with D Alexander Sulzer headed to the Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A surprising move by the Canucks shipping out one of the top rookies in the league this season, but obviously GM Mike Gillis wanted to add more size up front, and gets it with 6-3, 228 Kassian, who should be a significant physical presence for the Canucks. Gragnani, a puck-moving defenseman, has struggled in this, his sophomore season, but has potential to growth. Their earlier acquisition of Pahlsson indicates the Canucks want experience heading into this year’s playoffs, as they hope to make another run for the Cup.

As for the Sabres, getting Hodgson is a big plus for their depth at center, especially after moving Paul Gaustad to Nashville earlier today. He should go on to become a good second-line center for the Sabres in the near future, with the promise of perhaps more.





  1. Spector who wins this trade? As a Canucks fan Gillia is out of his mind.

  2. Brutal. The only Nuck who can score without a lucky bounce, and we get a kid that lives in the penalty box. Shxt.

  3. As long as they have no chance to crack the lineup, top prospects are only valuable to Vancouver for trades. They obviously believe it has to be this year or next for the big prize, and if thet get it they will have to start the blowup like Chicago did after. Short term gain, long term pain. Good for Hodgson. Vigneault always marginalized him. Hope Buffalo kicks Canuck butt next time thet meet, and that Hodgson gets a hat trick.

  4. I think that Vancouver is the winner and I HATE VANCOUVER! But Kassian is big, mean, and has some finish and will provide that grit along with Pahlsson on the third line. I also believe that getting Gragnani is going to be bigger then expected. This kid can move the puck and is still young and could fit well in the Nucks cycle system. Hodgson should love the ice time he gets in Buffalo though.

  5. While Cody Hodgson is a good player, I figured the Sabre’s would want to go with a bigger size center instead of continuing their tread of small centers.

  6. The different in size and grit was the difference in last year’s cup final with the Bruins. Gillis doesn’t a repeat of that, if both teams, should meet again this year.

  7. But Gillis also said he wasn’t gonna let one possible opponent dictate his line-up. The Boston game was the emotional high point of the year, and Hodgson was the star. Not great for the locker room. I am a huge Gillis fan but I wonder about this one. Hodgson was also the key to the 2nd PP unit. God I hope Kassian doesn’t get a suspension, but I have a bad feeling about getting a kid who’s trying to be a tough guy.

  8. I don’t think this is just about one team though. That is the recipe for success, smashmouth and physical. I believe when they come up against Nashville, Phoenix, St. Louis who are all big and play physical or if they run into Boston, New York, Philly in a possible cup match up they will love having this extra grit in their line.

  9. I agree it was a pretty high price to pay for Kassian and an unproven defensman…but the upside is that AV was able to put a leash on Lapierre and keep him out of the penalty box…so hopefully he can do this with Kassian…Gargnani adds some depth as well as the veteran Pahsson..losing one roster player not good for Hodgson…

  10. Kassian’s problem this year was he was not being tough enough in Buffalo. He would shy away from finishing checks at times. He has the potential to be a beast, with his size and fighting ability. He also has some noce scoring touch. He should be a star and get alot of points playing with a scoring machine like Vancouver.
    Grags has a nice pass, but he NEVER shoots. It gets frustrating when he refuses to shoot on the PP.
    Good luck to both guys, looking forward to seeing Hodgson in Buffalo…