Canucks Ship Kesler to the Ducks

The Vancouver Canucks have traded center Ryan Kesler to the Anaheim Ducks for Nick Bonino, Luca Sbisa and the 24th pick in the 2014 draft. The two clubs will also swap third-round picks. 

Ryan Kesler dealt to the Ducks.

Ryan Kesler dealt to the Ducks.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: I must confess I had expected Spezza to go before Kesler. Probably not a surprise he wound up heading to the Ducks, though there was some concern about the Canucks sending him to a division rival. Still, it’s not like Kesler gave them much choice, as it was believed the Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks were his only trade choices.  The Ducks land the experienced second-line center they needed without costing too much from their depth of young talent. They also retain the 10th overall pick in this year’s draft. 

 As for the Canucks return,while some  fans might grouse that management could’ve received a better return, this is probably the best they were going to get under the circumstances. It’s not a bad return. Bonino, 26, had 22 goals and 49 points this season. He has solid two-way skills and should slide into that second-line center spot for Vancouver. Sbisa, 24, plays a good all-around game and can log a lot of ice time. His addition could mean the Canucks are planning to move out another defenseman in another deal.  


  1. I really feel Stan Bowman dropped the ball on this one. He could’ve easily topped the Ducks’ offer but as usual sat on his hands. And Blackhawk Nation won’t be impressed if Marcus Kruger is the 2nd-line center come fall. An epic fail in my book

    • Calm down. You guys could still get Paul Stastny, and give up nothing for him

  2. I actually think it’s a pretty great return for Kesler. I don’t rate Kesler as highly as most, but I do understand where the public perception of him lies: elite defensive centre who’ll break his back to help you win the Cup. Something the Ducks need.

    But a younger centre who got more points than Kesler and is cheaper, a decent 3/4 defenceman and a 1st round pick? It’s not like the Canucks easily won the deal, either, but if I were a Canucks fan, I’d be happy with this.

    • In the long run I think the Canucks will be very happy with this deal, not so sure about the Ducks BUT sure better getting Kessler than Spezza, wonder where he now goes.

  3. Kesler forces a RAW deal for the Canucks IMO.

  4. Kesler definitely forced the Canucks hands but Benning did pretty well considering the circumstances. i’m not too excited about Bonino as he did have HOF winger Selanne on one side with Getzlaf & Perry taking on the best checkers any opposing team could throw at them leaving him with some pretty favorable matchups. Anaheim is going to need to be aware that they’re going to have to find someone to feed Kesler the puck as he’s a triggerman and not a setup guy, at this stage of his career he has a lot of miles on him and could end up being too fragile for the heavy lifting that will be needed come the playoffs. bottom line is he was an affordable option for the next couple of years but after losing Selanne they haven’t really made the team any better and they lost in the 2nd round this year to LA who just locked up Gaborik making them the deeper team.