Canucks Ship Schneider to Devils.

The Vancouver Canucks have dealt Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for the 9th overall pick in this year’s draft.

Schneider dealt to Devils.

Schneider dealt to Devils.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: And just like that, Roberto Luongo will be staying as the Canucks’ starter (if he wants to stay), while the New Jersey Devils have landed their replacement for Martin Brodeur.

This is a stunning move, as the Canucks didn’t want to buy out Luongo’s hefty contract and couldn’t trade his contract. Schneider’s name was floated yesterday in the rumor mill linking him with the Edmonton Oilers, but no one saw him going to the Devils. Shrewd move by Devils GM Lou Lamoriello to finally land the heir apparent for Martin Brodeur, who is likely to play his final season in 2013-14.

The Canucks land a top ten draft pick, so it’s a good move to restock their prospect cupboard, but this move isn’t likely to sit well with the Vancouver punditry and media. And if Luongo wants out, this could get ugly.


  1. Hopefully all the fans calling for Lou’s head if he lets Clarkson walk will back off a little.

  2. Lou is far too classy to make a stink even if he is pissed off inside. Let me be the first nucks’ fan to say…Louuuuu! Glad you are still a Canuck! There better be a big old apology coming to you from the top brass! Good luck Cory, you deserve a starters role of your own.

    • Agree.

  3. Wow! Just wonder what Luongo is thinking now!

      • Good humored guy but dont ya think he has to be a lil p.o.’d

        • Horvat will be a good player but Gillis will forever be an idiot.

        • Luo should be mad. Gets thrown under the bus because of poor team play. Ya he has the odd bad game but look at how many he has stolen. Shticky you are right GILLIS IS AN IDIOT!!! I would love to know what Edmonton offered.

          • Do ya think he gets fired soon? I mean if Im an owner Im not happy you just made my team look like a joke in front of the league at the draft. Again Horvat will be good Im sure but to trade for a guy who you thought was going to replace your very high profile goalie after the year of drama you just went thru? Id meet him at the airport and hand him a couple boxes of his crap from the office and tell him if he steps back on the property Im calling the cops lol

          • I wish they would do that but they could have fired him before. Then the new GM could tell Luo that he’s the guy in net and trade Schneider. I’m sure luo would be a bit happier (not happy but happier than now). Plus the team wouldn’t look as stupid as they do now.

  4. Apparently the deal was agreed to last night and they waited to announce it so the Vancouver owner could fly out and visit luongo in person to mend fences. lol