Canucks Sign Ryan Miller, Stars Sign Ales Hemsky.

The Vancouver Canucks have signed Ryan Miller to a three-year, $18 million contract, while the Dallas Stars have inked Ales Hemsky to a three-year, $12 million deal. 

Ryan Miller signs with Vancouver Canucks.

Ryan Miller signs with Vancouver Canucks.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like the term on Miller’s contract, but the Canucks have paid him about $3 million too much on that deal. Miller now faces the challenge of proving he’s still a top starting goalie in a very demanding hockey market.

Hemsky’s term is also reasonable, and at $4 million annually it’s $1.5 million less per season than what he sought from the Senators. If he can stay healthy, Hemsky’s playmaking skills will make him a good addition with the Stars. 


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  1. i would prefer the Canucks had signed Hiller as he would make a better tandem with Lack, the term and money Hiller agreed to with Calgary would be better for the Canucks as well. all Dallas needed to take out Anaheim last year was a few more goals and i think they’ve added more than the Ducks, say what you like about Jim Nill he is the master opportunist who’s turned his team around with 2 trades where he took a supposed problem off of another team at a considerable discount (this is the second time Boston has dealt away a franchise center who worked out incredibly well elsewhere for players who were not of equal ability … you’d think they’d learn) if Spezza & Hemsky work out half as well as Seguin & Benn then Dallas will be a very good team this year.