Capitals re-sign Alzner.

WASHINGTON POST: reports the Capitals have re-signed defenseman Karl Alzner to a two-year, $2.57 million contract. The annual cap hit will be worth $1.285 million per season, and will push the  Capitals above the $64.3 million cap by more than $890K, however, if Tom Poti begins the season on LTIR, it would free up his $2.85 million salary and the club would be in compliance with the cap.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And if not, it means someone’s getting dealt or demoted, but we’ll probably have to wait until late-September to find out, meaning a fresh round of Alexander Semin and Mike Green rumors.


  1. Alzner signing a smart move be Leonsis….

    well said Spector

    but keep this in mind….

    Ovechkin will be very upset if Semin goes….Ovechkin was the main reason why Federov signed there….and is the main reson why Semin is still there….

    Semin has wanted to leave on 2 seperate occasions but Ovechkin convinced him to stay

    Will Ovechkin convince him to stay again when the NHL returns after the Lockout?

  2. Wow, surprised that it didn’t cost more to re-sign Alzner than that. That should put the Caps in a good cap situation (pun unavoidable!). As much as I’d like to see Semin become available for a team like the Preds to deal for, I doubt the Caps will need to do something like that now. If they put Poti on LTIR or even demote him to the AHL, they’ll be fine capwise.