Capitals re-sign Carlson.

Carlson signs new 6-year deal with Capitals.

The Washington Capitals announced the re-signing of defenseman John Carlson to a six-year, $23.8 million contract. Carlson, a restricted free agent, will earn an average salary of just over $3.966 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The deal reportedly pays him $3.8 million in 2012-13, and $4 million each season afterward. Carlson, 22, is coming off an entry level contract paying him just over $845K per season, and has become an invaluable part of the Capitals defense corps, so he’s been well-rewarded for his development, as the Capitals project further improvement over the next six seasons. That should make this deal quite a bargain in the final three years of the deal.


  1. 1) Perhaps the Carlson signing will spur on his peers like Del Zotto and PK Subban to sign deals prior to the deadline tomorrow? I know the Rangers had a take it or leave it offer for Michael Del Zotto, but perhaps the carlson deal might allow both sides something to work off of.
    2) As for Subban, I’d be less optomistic. I have a feeling he/his agent feel he’s worth even more than Carlson

  2. Hall, Seguin, Carlson etc it’s not the money per year that bothers me, it’s six years,
    how do they know what cap will be six years from now, and how well will these guys be playing. From an economic stand point our Governments don’t even know what next year will look like, much less 6 years from now.