Capitals re-sign Green.

Green scores three-year contract with Capitals.

The Washington Capitals have re-signed defenseman Mike Green to a three-year, $18.25 million contract. He’ll earn $6 million per season in the first two years, $6.25 million in the final year. The average cap hit will be just over $6.08 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green had previously rejected a one-year, $5 million offer from the Capitals. Considering his injury history, the Capitals are taking a chance with this raise. If Green can avoid any further serious injuries and return to his stellar offensive form, Capitals GM George McPhee will be praised for this deal. If, however, Green continues to be hampered by injury, McPhee will face the same criticism former Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier received for re-signing a banged-up Andrei Markov last summer. 


  1. dont guys usually get overpaid after a great season, not 2 mediocre injury plagued seasons?

  2. He is getting paid for his great work before the injury. My concern is reading that he admitted to losing a step because of the injury. Even if he is not as fast as he was, if he can regain the other aspects of his game and continue to improve defensively he will be well worth the contract he just signed. It’s a risk the Caps need to take, though it seems to be high-risk/high-reward.

  3. Yeah. I don’t like this deal for the Caps. Although they essentially let Wideman walk and to the best of my knowledge really do not have any other options with offensive defensemen.

  4. Too much. Way too much.

  5. The problem I’ve got with this deal is that I feel either it’s a “normal” signing – IF he can regain his scoring touch, if not, it’s just an awful return for 6$m. No give and take at all, just Green saying “show me the money I played like 2yrs ago”.